Will We Ever Time Travel? Scientists Say ‘No’ Based on This New Discovery

Scientists found an atomic nucleus shaped like a pear, and it is completely changing our understanding of physics. Is There a Limit to How Small Life Can Get?


  1. Some secret goverments already has the technology to time travel as they been contacting extra terrestrials and reverse engeneering their craft for years now.

  2. Time is likely cyclical not linear though. We don't know how to observe the past from this perspective and in 3D. Time might reside on a higher plane and we can only see its cycles or the line they form attaching semantics to our observations.

  3. Your explanation of why they can’t be time travel makes no sense. You’re intelligent, do you know what a DVR is, and I’m sure you have used a DVR. If it’s been recorded from the past you can watch it. You can rewind itAnd you can do this watching near live TV. Just because you can’t explain it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You see it every single day if you have a DVR.

  4. so i thought that doing some black hole near-event horizon surfing, without being destroyed would create away for us to use time dilation to only go forward, but not backward. hopefully we still got that going for us.

  5. Most of what we think we know isn't quite correct. The shape is still balanced in effect by changes in orientation relative to converting forces. Equilibrium shall always prevail and is the very reason the so-called "strong nuclear force" exists which is merely a bi-product effect of the external convergences and the differences in conversion rates between certain spaces/charges. It could be modeled like pressure-zones in a sense. Regardless though, we're already doing forward time travel in that matter operates slower while we're in motion due to the limiting nature of energy transmission. True reverse time travel as depicted in sci-fi would require reversing all the physics in the universe which is impossible. Hypothetically you could create a giant supercomputer and an army of replicated nano-bots to record all observable events over a huge period of time and manifest a duplicated past using an even more hypothetical super-advanced synthesis technology… but that's obviously very far-fetched.

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