What If You Stopped Showering for a Year?

What would happen if you quit showering for a year? While there hasn’t been much experimentation on this subject, scientists do still know some consequences …


  1. did this experiment and can say my hair just was clean after 2 mnths first mnth greasey and never got spots skin was dry only washed my hands and interment parts no soap or cleaners and that was it

  2. After having to go weeks/ months without showing or bathing because of the military this video is over exaggerated. Oil sweat and dirt just stick to your skin but after that layer of nastiness it really doesn’t go further than that. Athletes foot may be an issue but you shouldn’t wear shoes 24/7 anyways. You really don’t smell THAT bad either

  3. Really!? How did people survive before baths/showers existed then?
    How do people living in certain parts of the world with very little water to drink much less have a bath/shower survive? Most of this sounds like a stretch. Baths/showers is technically unnatural especially with the use of soaps. However, in these modern times it is absolutely necessary for hygiene purposes therefore, I do at least once per day.

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