1. The original curse to Adam was the earth cursed by 'thorns and thistles' propagating when crops are planted for food and that in the sweat of his brow he would eat his bread. It is just like us sinful flesh to try to thwart and nullify God's inerrant word and purpose meant to bring a fallen man to repentance. Thorns and thistles have a mandate by God and Monsanto is the devil trying to undo the perfect counsel, wisdom and intent of God. IMHO…

  2. Latest news! Weeds become rats! Finally science has come up with a theory for how the rats evolved! It is no shock to professor Schlibel, who discovered the evidence. We were just about running out of our grant money when the evidence presented itself to us, says the highly esteemed scientist. At least ten years of research is needed to iron out the details, but now we can say that rats evolved from weeds!

  3. Dr Hovind is a genius and holds 4 PhDs, probably more than anyone else in the world. Dr Hovind's wisdom is ordained by God Himself, not like those idiot atheist scientist from stupid universities like Harvard, Yale etc where satan studies. Hallelujah

  4. Human poops are evolving as well… back then you just need to simply flush it down to get rid of it. Nowadays, they evolved to flood your toilets. Soon, they'll evolve to fight back against your toilet plunger.

    Survival of the sh(f)-ittest

  5. Kent microevolution is macroevolution they are one in the same. The word species is a naming convention used to distinguish differences among living things. We have never seen a dog evolve into anything other than a dog because macroevolution is the accumulation of microevolution over 10s of thousands of generations. Let make this more explicit, instead of dogs lets talk humans. If you could look at a picture of every male relative in your family history going back 100 thousand generations (2 million years), you would see macroevolution. Humans looked different 2 million years ago then they do today. The proof in our fossil record supports this claim. We find hominids skeletons never modern humans just individuals walking bipedal, making stone tools, and living in small groups.

  6. Hundreds of years ago or millions of years ago, none of these evolutionist can explain all the genetic information that was derived from the Cambrian explosion. As a chinaman once said ; in China you cannot question the Government but you can question Evolutionism. In America you can question the Government but you cannot question Evolutionism.

  7. This just goes to show how little people know about farming. They think we need to genetically modify plants so they will be 'stronger' and 'yield more' which is total bologna. Plants have their own defense mechanisms and can produce plenty if they are at their full genetic potential. I urge people to look into how to grow plants and what nutrients they need to get to their full genetic potential. I would link you all to a man named Harley Smith, an expert in plant nutrition, but Youtube has barred me from posting any links for reasons unknown. Please look him up, he gives free classes on plant nutrition on Grow University's website.

  8. WAIT! DID YOU NOTICE AT 0:01 HE HAD NO SUNGLASSES THEN AT 0:11 HE HAD THEM? Proof for 10 seconds worth of evolution folks. the sweat on Kents face slowly evolved over millions of trillionths of seconds, becoming darker. Then, through natural selection, the good sweat slowly evolved to one sunglass lens, then over an entire second into another one. in the course of 10 seconds, sunglasses evolved on his face! Proof for evolution God doesn't exist

  9. your description of what you call adaptation is the same as what an evolutionary biologist would call natural selection. With that all you need is an understanding of mutations and you will be on the same page.

  10. Kent, you can't become too sentimental about evolution. You will see that, as well as other old earth content, on most mainstream media websites. Also, evolution does say a 150 pound land dwelling animal can turn into a 40 ton whale, but over a long period that extends the longevity of humans. I see NO evidence, on an inductive basis, in regards to the proposed mechanisms to suggest that this can happen. Appealing to the fossil record-which I think fails in its epistemic rights, is simply inadequate, and irrelevant.

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