Uk James Haze CBD review (emerald Star) 2018

Thank you to everyone that is watching and thank you to all of my subscribers that I have gained over the last couple of months I will say thank you to James for …


  1. Hi! Love the reviews. I was just wondering if you could do a review on this new company Iv seen called bud & tender. They do high CBD and CBC with a THC level of 0.19 (still within the legal limit of the UK) it’s £19.99 for 3.5g. It looks a little bit stringy, but the reviews Iv read haven’t given me enough information, however they have given high remarks about this weed.

  2. hi there great vid …..can i ask willl you be doing the hash review that i saw in a older vid i have seen it on ebay the same stufff is it any good??? many thanks

  3. Thanks dude been abit umming and erring about cba as i quite thc and cigs about 8 months ago really miss the teast and am looking for the teast without the high think you have given me what i need to know and wanna give it a try thanks bro keep up the hard work 💪💪🔥🔥👊👊

  4. Great reviews bro keep them coming, ive gone straight to James Haze but hes sold out of everything on his site. Waiting on email back to confirm future orders. Thanks for everything you do, subbed your page now too.

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