Tripping With Magic Mushroom | Psilocybin | Chaz Christopher

In this week’s vlog, I talk about my experience with magic mushrooms (psilocybin). I decided to talk about the profound effects psilocybin can have on a person to …


  1. I've basically stayed with using natural drugs, although I've tried acid and Molly (never tried cocaine), but never got "into" either. Been doing pot for 35 years, switched from smoking to edibles about 5 years ago and was into s'hroom in the 90's until they were hard to get. Getting stoned is so much preferable to alcohol.

  2. I can smell the magic mushrooms from a small shop in a street nearby and cannabis I can smell in the small park next to our building every single day as the coffeeshop is just accross. 🙂 In a very decent part of town, actually right in the middle; but hey, this is The Netherlands. 😀 Personally I don't take any of that stuff, I get stoned over mineral water so no need. 🤣

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