1. Cannabis is helpful but only to a certain point; after that, one must learn to do it by him/herself. I also believe that "they" know what they are doing, they have domesticated human cannabis use, and now they know how to use it against consciousness evolution. The vast majority of cannabis users have no idea about what could happen with cannabis ( and some other substances/plants) use. Many different types of doors could then be opened, some of them could appear at first glance as heavenl, however a false one.. One must be totally conscious and aware to open "the higher gates". I have watched for years how the people I know uses cannabis and is not what I believed en my early days of use, too long to tell. I still use cannabis, however I try to restrict its use only for certain moments, and my goal is to stop any substance use in the near future, and do all the magic by myself. Some of our chakras, specially the lower ones are affected. Im in favor of legalization, but not in favor of the patterns of use in today's society.

  2. such bs. weed just disconnects you from awareness of environment, self spirituality etc and makes you dumber, there's a reason the term dope came about to refer to drugs. if you expect higher consciousness you wont find it truly in drugs. its just possible to have a out of body experience . cannabis oil is useful for treating some conditions though and many other things

  3. Hi, I have searched a lot of cannabis and the whole video is just the sum of all the information I read on internet. But, since the day I started researching about the cannabis, I have a question in my mind. Do one really need to use cannabis just to feel/experience the spiritual realm. If taken in huge amounts, it affects memory. So, why to use it. One can meditate if they really want to experience spiritual realm. As we all know, 'if you want, you will get'. So if one wants that experience, then he/she will meditate and do whatever it takes to feel that euphorbia.

  4. I'd really like to see a cooperative of growers begin to develop strains that are much more balanced in the CBD to THC ratio. Where the whole spectrum of the plant is considered and grown, naturally and organically. I may be costly, but I'd be more than willing to pay the price. And I think there's a great many persons in this world that would agree.

  5. Dude it's just weed, wtf. Y u acting like it's some big spiritual awaking mechanism. People r such sheep; it's OK to smoke pot now let's all jump on the bus. I've smoked weed for 20 some years. All it does is make u lazy and happy, that's it.

  6. Please USA.. we are almost there.
    How it helps slow cancer alone should make it legal. But nope. Can't do that. A lot of rich companies would loose money. Even though they proses and make pills for pennies and then sell them for outrages prices.

  7. Here recently I've been having mild to severe anxiety attacks, depending on how high I get. Sometimes I even purge. A great conflict has generated inside me knowing that this plant was never intended for recreational use. I know I need to meditate on the anxiety to overcome it. I know I need to take care of my body to enjoy it. It's like the weed has been guiding me to focus on my overall well being by kicking my ass for abusing it. God knows what kind of experience I would have if I were to take any psychedelics.

  8. Cannabis in long term makes people much worse in decision making, you have ton of valid researches about it. Go for it and check.
    You can be 'stoned' by yourself anyway, just pay attention to your own system and how you are. It is all about making a distance between yourself and the body/mind/emotions. #Sadhguru

    But prohibition makes all the drug problems much worse, it should be medical problem (if any) not a criminal one.
    Prohibition pumps mass amount of many into the budget (your money) to fight the drugs and makes the illegal drugs profitable.
    One of the most irresponsible laws enforced.

  9. I have to disagree with Mr. Graham Hancock that cannabis isn’t a true psychedelic. I’ve had experiences on cannabis oil that were just as psychedelic as any mushroom experience. Just as in depth, just as mysterious.

  10. WoW, 1stly Congratulations to Canada for the amazing move, May the rest of the world follow soon. Not sure if it public knowledge, but the Canadian Government has been growing huge farms of Cannabis here in Portugal – I guess many locals will now lose their jobs. Thank you for this well balanced informative episode, which we all would love to share if it was legal in our countries (here in Portugal it has been decriminalised, which means you don't get sent to prison, if caught consuming any drug, but its still illegal to grow, buy or sell any of them). The EU made it legal to grow Industrial Hemp, but after one year of personal Hemp growth took off to produce mainly CBD oil, the government is now fighting the EU and are trying to somehow classify Hemp in the same class as Cannabis. We all wait with anticipation to hear the outcome.

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