Solar Power Update | Goal Zero Yeti

In this solar power update, I talk about how the Goal Zero Yeti 3000 lithium power station and Goal Zero Boulder 200 solar panel briefcase is working for me and …


  1. Mr James
    Could you please make me a sign like yours. I would like the bear 🐻 on it and saying Running Bear 🐻
    I will pay you for it. I have stage four terminal cancer and I have six months to a year to live and I would love to have that
    Sincerely Running Bear 🐻 (Jim)

  2. First of all you inspire me to develop my property sooner rather than later. Im in Novar.Seeing pictures at the start of your videos. Looks an aweful lot like the exit there off the highway. Even pictures from the air looks like the little east. If it is super awesome. Living the dream Sean. Hoping to get there one day. Dedicated viewer here. Again thanks for inspiration look forward to more

  3. Didn't read the whole lead-in note, got part way in and realized I already saw it as part of the longer one. Still enjoyed the opening shots and banjo tune! – An Armchair Adventurer

  4. good review, and accurate. their panels are good but very expensive, and the yeti units are pretty good. i have the 1400 but i have a lot more solar(850w) on my motorhome, full sun usually. it would be from 20-40% all the way up to 100% by 2PM in the summer. i got it on black friday for much less than retail, and luckily black friday is around the corner. they are actually decent units, but not at full price. ill be doing a review soon myself!

  5. I will always enjoy every video you put out there! I have a question though…lol…Have you considered 4k UHD as opposed to 1080p? The Canadian wilderness is SO beautiful! Why not expose your viewers to her full splendors! I really enjoy your channels Mr. James! Thanks for your hard work!

  6. I've read a few people mention wind. The problem with wind where Sean is, is that the genny would do more time seeking than face on into the wind. I've had the 400 watt small wind generator and it was a waste of money, I needed a 70kmh wind to get 10 amps out it it and that was intermittent . And it was noisy as hell. The general rule of thumb is 30 feet above the tallest obstacle within a 300 foot radius. That means for the optimal output, the bottom of the rotors of the turbine need to 30 feet higher than any obstacle within a 300 foot distance. And from what it looks like, there are some seriously tall trees out there. Plus the gin pole needs to be able to be lowered and raised for maintenance. Wind is only useful on a larger scale. Small solar works anywhere and it quiet. When you get into the 1.0 kw Bergey, the towers need to be strong and tall, the lateral forces are quite strong. You are now over 25k for a small setup, with genny and tower. You can buy alot of solar for that .

  7. Where do you and your wife live full time? I don't see evidence of you living full time at the cabin. No frig? no shower. cant imagine your wife taking a spit bath every day. How about an honest breakdown on where you live on a daily basis

  8. Helllo Shawn ' thank you so much for the update on the solar system' good info to know'' well it is a learning process for sure' but well worth ' being able to survive when the grid go's down as it often dose'' knowing what to do to stay warm ' is best '' we have been busy at the property '' still off grid dry camping for now'' hope to be in a cabin soon'' so tired of rv living floor dont stay level feels like living on a boat'' lol'' but so true' im hoping all go's well for us ' its been rough' through the years' but happy to be on our own property and not paying rent space '' no wi fi yet but tonight at a motel'' will check in as often as i can ' thank you Shawn' for update info' sending love form Oregon

  9. I've been thinking about how to make a solar panel tower that goes up above the tree line and set solar panels on top of that but doing that primitively would not be very safe. Would be nice though. So many things would be nice that take heavy duty equipment. Cherry pickers, Cranes, Back Hoes, man I wish I could get a hold of those to do things with. If only a Cherry picker even and just pick out some trees to shave all the branches off of and just build a ladder and platform at the top of those if they are in the correct positions like almost 4 posts squared up in the ground. 4 trees almost squared beside each other. I don't know if it would even be worth it though for the extra amount of energy from the sun that the panels may soak up. Probably not.

  10. Haven't watched yet, but glad you changed the intro music. I like it, was a bit tired of the other. I will always watch & follow you Shawn. Not trying to sound mean. God bless & happy Autumn 🍂

  11. Hey Shawn, it's always good to see your reviews on these products that you use, as well as the pros and cons of each type. I still wonder if you would not be well served if you set up a Stirling type engine on or near your wood stove. I saw one that charges a phone via a micro-usb cable, and I thought to myself, "Surely he would be able to put something together that would utilize the ambient heat generated by the stove during the colder, darker winter months." It would require:
    1. a decent quality Stirling "hot air" engine (they are becoming surprisingly easier to get, but quality can be an issue).
    2. A generator coil (like on your stove fan but more potent/efficient.)
    3. Assorted cables and hookups to the battery bank/ inverter.
    Might be more complicated to build than it's worth (marginal utility being a very real concern for you.), but also might provide you with a touch more self-sufficiency, cutting down on your need to expend as much money for gasoline.

  12. Need to de-branch a tree and mount those bad boys on a live tree. Get some electrical hooks, elevators, climbers on your boots and leather waist strap. Just like a electrical linemen use

  13. I've seen some that have a pole about the size of a medium tree that is used to lift the solar panels to a higher lever. The one I saw had a pully that could pull a platform up the pole with the panels on it. This platform was made so that it can rotate around the pole in order to adjust the panesl in differnt directions depending on where the sun was. It keeps you from having to move around all the time. The pully system allows you to lower quickly, moeve the panels toface the most sun, and then lift the small platform back up the pole. Maybe you can do something like that.

  14. Thanks for your great videos. You could consider to supplement your solar energy with a small wind generator, which would supplement the lack of sunshine on the windy days. Or – a similar water generator, should you have a creek or river close by. Thanks again – I really enjoy and learn a lot from your videos and appreciate your attitude and positivity – it is highly inpsirational 🙂

  15. Good review. Nice pre built setup.

    There are few videos where people have home built solar panel tracking systems. They are fairly simple but keep the panels aimed well. Maybe you could adapt one for your purpose so you would not have to manually adjust panels all day.

    You get wagon or sled and mount the solar panels to that for easier movement and positioning.

  16. Another great and informative video, thank you Shawn. I think that solar set-up is just about perfect, and by augmenting it with your generator it will be even better. I’m am very impressed that the power-bank would be able to run your fridge for 3 full days,24 hours a day before running out of juice. If you put a frozen litre bottle or two, of water in the fridge you could probably get 7-8 days by running the power bank just 12 hours a day instead of 24. Thats the sort of thing I do in hurricanes.

  17. Hello Shawn & Cali! Thank you very much for the solar panel information! Do position the solar panel on east west south position, than you would get sunlight all day! I used to have my shop east west south location. It was nightmare, so hot and felt like I was in the greenhouse all day in early April!

  18. The placement of your panels, would appear to be as challeging as placing a garden under that great canopy!? But , I know being the innovative person that you are, you already have a solution.. Good that your system is mobile, it fits your needs well.. ATB from sunny Wintergarden,Florida.. See ya up at the cabin!

  19. Great information as always, Shawn! You might want to considering buying a small windmill and mounting it on a tower or on the roof. Also you should look into brown gas and wood gas production for cooking and running the generator.

  20. G M Shawn, just sipping on some fresh brewed coffee and starting out here where its cold, sunny with little overcast. Brings to mind if you are thinking of a radio commutation setup in the cabin? In the winter inside and listening to the local people talking on what's going on, or just in the back ground listening to or other things. Better at this time of season for radio communication on the hf (high frequency) bands. So getting the radios ready and keeping busy here. I run low power and have an indoor antenna. Take care enjoyed your video.

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