Small outdoor weed/cannabis grow 2nd season grower.. day 58.

Since the plants went in the ground they seem to be growing about 1 inch a day on average. Subscribe to stay updated.Thanks.


  1. Great job so far! The sky’s the limit on those girls or maybe your fence in your Damn pesky neighbors. Swing on over to my channel and sub up when you get the chance. I have an outdoor grow going on in my backyard this year that I’ve been documenting on YouTube. Don’t forget to hit the bell.

  2. Nice job you’ll just need to cover them when it rains during budding that’s why I prefer mine in containers so they’re moveable. Check out my vids my spot has direct sunlight basically all day, your spot seems to have shade early in the day even though there’s many hours left in the day, the one that has the net will be the biggest because it looks to get the most sunlight. Also since they’re in shade they’ll probably start budding earlier in the season

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