1. sweet…kinda figured that's where you got the Panama Reds n 911s….great stuff right there… that PR is fire…
    never had any of the 911…good to see that cut of dr dons make its way back to where the beans came from ….small world…Lol
    I ran 4 of them last season & 2 cuts of the same ones you have there….an gifted some of those same seed to BlackG/BDG he's working them and crossed it with ocean growns Ninja Fruit…..people are going to love what those 2 and their future shoots bring….nobody I know that got gifted those seed has found a male…yet
    We need a male of that PR to cross back to all these females ….cheers

  2. Looking great bro! Excited to see how the new phenos and Cultivars turn out! Just 1 correction, the Plushberry crossed with the Squirrel was a male from seeds purchased in 2010 the same male I used in my other Plushberry crosses. Great video bro! ๐Ÿ™‚

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