Raided pot dispensary remains defiant

Days after recreational pot was legalized in Canada, there has been a major crackdown on illegal dispensaries in Toronto – but some have already reopened.


  1. This kind of coverage is great publicity, too. It drives awareness and riles up the consumer demographic to show support for the free market. I will only purchase from independent dispensaries and home-based suppliers.
    Until this is corrected, Dispensaries will skirt the brick-and-mortar buildings and just operate via app and delivery personnel. That’s already happening.
    It’s ironic that legalization of marijuana is leading to dispensaries being shut down and greater fines than when it was illegal. Legalization is literally destroying the cannabis storefront retail market and driving marijuana sales back to a meeting-a-guy-on-the-corner type of transaction.
    Exemplary statism.

  2. Mark Saunders would be the first person to arrest Rosa Parks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Non violent people protesting and standing up for civil rights getting arrested for something that is now "legal" All while providing a service to medical people in need! SHAME ON YOU!!!  Many people in Ontario do NOT have the internet and even more do NOT have a credit card!!! I ask you Toronto police…how do the marginalized and poor people order from the OCS??? You call these dispensaries the "Black Market" …it is called the Free Market, where customers will define the pricing not the government.  Mark Saunders…you raiding the Free Market dispensaries is only sending people to the real Black Market street dealers all over again. Stop wasting our money on raiding dispensaries and put it to stopping gun crime!

  3. It's crazy they are doing this already when they are still struggling to ship orders placed on day 1 of legalization on their website. At least wait until you are serving the market properly.

  4. Weeds legal you guys can smoke it but we’re gonna make it hard to purchase it so the only people you can buy from are dealers and they are selling it illegally so we can still throw more dealers in jail

  5. These Cannabis  Laws are going to make the Politicians RICH, who have invested in the Monopoly this CRIMINAL Government created for themselves and their White Collar Criminal Friends … Bill Blair and Julian Fantino are just a few names on the List… The website is Terrible and the pricing is ridiculous … This was just the Governments way to Please Big PHARMA because the Government is making sure Cannabis isn't accessible and instead of Promoting Cannabis; they have created a Deterrent and the Word "Recreational" is the disguise, because cannabis as Medicine can Cure Cancer … BiG Pharma can not afford a Cure for Cancer

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