Question period: Mark Norman trial, USMCA deal, climate change – Oct. 22, 2018

Follow along as opposition parties question the Trudeau government in the House of Commons. Recently the government has faced questions on the Mark …


  1. Our national well trained psychopath never answered a question since two years…..The middle class will pay for liberal pollution program. 90% credits for big industries on their pollution!!!!!

  2. 17:44 pardons the right course of action for cannabis specific related charges / offenders.

    Speaking about the laws that will try any legal cases, yes, including writing into law the safe passage of all lawful required documents for court/ to defence or prosecution trial proceedings, evidence, witnesses, necessary information as to not impede the law; but you may not try any case or any details of any case on these floors or in this house as this is anti-parliamentary and will have to be shut down by the RCMP the day it tries to act like a courthouse and its members will be tried in military tribunals for breach of oath to office.

    The conundrum arises when the courts try to write the laws and the parliament tries the cases; this arises due to the laws governing the courts being under or in Disreputé; instead of going through all the laws systematically to remove the legal syntax and grammatical or conflictitory errors with constitution and statute that are causing the Disreputé; like thoughtcrime, speech crime, poverty crime, or unequal access and opportunity that are beyond realistic expectations yet might be suitable future goals or to be expected, delivered goals and simply are not.

    Could also discuss obligations to Canadians and to Canada your sworn duty to uphold and protect, to guard and keep these lands and its people's; like the global bank occupations and economic slavery by way deception and addiction, council on foreign relations depopulation agendas, false flags and flag changing/swapping mercenaries, crypto currency scams, block chain technologies, poverty, youth opportunities & homelessness vs. Winter. And winter preparedness. Winter is coming.

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