Quebec Votes 2018: Election night special

CBC’s election night special with Debra Arbec, Nancy Wood, Eric Grenier and Sean Henry. Results, analysis and live reports from our journalists across the …


  1. Province elections do not reflect the likelihood of a general election throughout Stephen Harpers period as Prime minister Ontario had a liberal majority, minority and then majority again. From 1993 to 2004 general elections the Liberals held pretty much all seats in Ontario while reform only having 1 then 2 seats but during this period you had Bob Roe as NDP Premier and then Mike Harris as PC Premier.

  2. Sigh if Andrew s here wins I we’ll be so angry I wanted to move to Quebec because everything is liberal guess I am wrong I wished there could have been a better liberal candidate in 2015 we need to re elect Trudeau. Pierre Elliot trudeau and Jean Chrétien is way better then Justin Trudeau.

  3. I have to say I expected the CAQ to win a majority but I'm absolutely shocked at just how poorly the Liberals did. The upsets in southern Quebec are stunning. Chapleau could have gone either way but the Liberals losing Gatineau and Papineau. It's another disastrous result for a provincial Liberal party. Also the strength of QS was interesting. Sovereignty may have a new dominant party.

  4. Thankfully the liberals time is nearing an end! Bye bye Trudeau. Alberta will vote Conservative this May. Ontario already kicked the liberals to the curb. Enough of liberal insanity!
    #walk away
    Trudeau must go
    Max for PM

  5. The ‘Winds of Conservative Thought’ are sweeping North America…First Ontario, then New Brunswick, then Quebec…..then the mid-terms in the United States. People are taking their homes back from the politicians…..a good time indeed.

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