Potheads line up to buy marijuana one hour earlier than the rest of Canada

On Oct. 17, 2018, recreational marijuana became legal in Canada. Due to a time-zone difference in one area of Newfoundland and Labrador, residents there …


  1. WHO cares about pot being legal. I`m Canadian and couldn't`t care less. I`ll sit back and watch all of these pot heads get turned around at the border of the US. What a waste of your life people. Hey I want to be the first Canadian stoner…haha thats one to be telling your grandkids.

  2. It's legal only in the sense it requires a license to sell it…where the sellers are going to acquire supply is going to be the fun bit….organized crime is still going to have a ball infiltrating this dopey decision…especially when they start lacing it with other mind altering substances…this is going to be a huge disaster for sure on several fronts.

  3. That's fucked up how the stereo-type of "Lazy Pothead still exist." What about Alcoholics? Alcohol is so readily available, that there is no need to line up. I don't know about Alcoholic Câ-nucks, But, American Alcoholics ain't the "Epitome of Righteous Indignation."
    I don't drink myself, and "care not" of someone's CHOICE to drink.
    Furthermore, I've never came across any motivational problem due to the chemical effects of tetrahydrocannabinol.
    Even in excessive use.
    Not that I do or know.
    Yet alcohol and so many other substances can literally incapacitate one's ability to coherently function.
    But, Marijuana, having currently being discovered newly advance of medical applications of benefit in such a wide range of ailments,……
    But truly not new as much as recognized,
    still carries a astigmatism of lazy, stupid, unmotivated, apathy of ignorance.
    Legality and accessibility of the cathartic substances humanity uses to quail the psychological burdens of life help shape the society we live in.
    You can say "Don't hate the Player, Hate the Game."
    But sometimes the Games "Fucked up!", which in turn, means all the players are
    Sometimes you need to change the game.

    -Critical Super Silver Haze

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