In honor of Infinity War coming out, I made one last giant MCU timeline video, including everything from the movies to the TV shows to the short films. This is …


  1. Been reading through these comments and just wanna mention how much this support means to me. Putting this much work into something and then seeing this kind of response is incredible. This is a big part of why I do it, thanks for the kind words everyone!

  2. How impressive that with all this, there is still a world of content for them to explore. And with the X Men and Fantastic Four just about to join the universe… damn. This is easily the greatest franchise of all time. I watched every minute of this and you did an amazing job. Hope you are able to get a ton of rev from this… you deserve it.

  3. Panther goddess: WHAT. I don’t think that exists here. Makes no sense.
    Literal god of thunder and friends: hey Thor
    Magic and multiple dimensions: sup Dr. Strange
    Infinity Stones: seems legit
    Terragen crystals that turn ppl into inhumans: yup makes sense

  4. Small detail (around 1:58:50) but – phones (especially the battery sections) ARE bullet proof in our world. I met some guys while in Afghanistan who are alive today thanks to bullets hitting their phones. The bullets get lodged in the battery. So that is a real thing.

  5. Just watched the entire video in one go, i love the mcu and this gave me a lot of new info that i didnt know before! Loved it! That being said im only here to waist time till red dead drops 😂

  6. Dayum … watched full video! 3 hours passed and I didn't even notice. loved the pop culture references and stuff.
    +1 Sub for you man, you should have more subs.
    Keep up the good work! 🙌💯

  7. I enjoyed this so much, thank you for streamlining the timeline… I have been on the fence about watching MarvelTV, now I soooooo need to dive in… thank you again for the time and effort. Purely enjoyable.

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