1. So our family members and kids are better off getting criminal records and going to jails and prisons instead? We have one of the biggest prison populations in the world, if people are so concerned about our youth then they should be cracking down on tobacco and alcohol companies, pharmaceutical companies, jails, prisons and helping them out of student debt instead of trying to convince society that it's in their best interest to vote no for more people can be caged and treated like animals for profits because they choose to smoke instead of get strung out on pills or become an alcoholic

  2. Since marijuana law was based on lies and bigger lies of course it should be legal, never killed anyone like big pharma does daily. I've seen alcohol kill and destroy entire families worse than pot.

  3. Not only will marijuana not be declassified, after the midterms the Trump administration are going to be enforcing Federal Laws in the illegal recreational use of Marijuana, prepare yourself California cause he's coming after you first.

  4. if only Robrabacher was still working hard to get assange here, set up a meeting w the president, expose the truth of who’s behind the leaked emails, and yet he kept getting blocked by some in the admin (cough cough John Kelly). and then rohrabacher suddenly stopped working with assange or speaking out about the truth he discovered from him. wish he would go back to all of that.

  5. Interesting and although times are volatile it may not be the right move (in my opinion) to make pot legal. I like having my wits about me and when I smoked, I couldn't drive, operate machines and do things I can do now. Understanding mmj can be 'calming' it can be harmful as well. #foodforthought

  6. Get it off the danger list so research can begin. The stuff obviously has lots of viable medical uses. Let’s find more uses for it. Let’s allow farming hemp varieties and find hundreds of uses for that. It could create taxable income and create jobs.

  7. Central nervous system is run by Cannabinoids. Cannabis is a natural cure for hundreds of diseases. THC levels can be adjusted by using different strains. Cannabis does not cause hallucinations.

  8. Medical is good, recreational is bad whether it is illegal or not. They still have not gotten a roadside test for under the influence—impaired driving for marijuana at the same level as alcohol. It is getting more and more dangerous on the highways now because of this and cell phone users. The short and long term effects of marijuana are many…

  9. Believe me when I say that the cigarette companies are already geared up with a plan for marketing grass. As soon as it's legal nationwide they will saturate us with ads…. What the hell, it's part of what makes America great.

  10. If they don't want to legalize it, at least bring it down to a schedule 4 or something very low on the criminalization chart.. Schedule 1 is just stupid for something that nobody has ever overdosed on in the history of mankind.

  11. Ban it all, alcohol, pot, cigerettes and make Americans learn how to deal with reality like true adults do. Think of how much better of a nation we would be without ADDICTIONS. I grew up in a family with 2 raging alcoholics/smokers/drug addicts. I had no childhood. Same with my husband. I HATE ADDICTION IT RUINS LIVES! This guy from CA is a loser.

  12. We went from a living wage in 1978/79!Major mnfcs printed flyers in Mexico with directions etc!These employers complained about the spoiled American middle class that demanded a living wage!Thanks Carter and crew!Both adults working couldn't even get a home let alone keep the lights on!30+ years later low wages despite continued education left many with No retirement and less than 15k a year to live on!Thanks for loving your country and veterans like myself!We aren't spoiled now are we?MAGA or what?

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