Legalize Marijuana In Texas? Texas Politicians Respond In Amarillo, Texas Before 2018 Elections

The Amarillo Pioneer newspaper hosted a political candidates forum in Amarillo, Texas which included invited candidates to participate who are on state and …


  1. The sheer amount of people participating in marijuana regardless of the law should be a sign the law needs to change and adapt for such a minor and non-consequential thing. For a lot it is a stronger tobacco and safer than alcohol. Texas is sitting on top of a massive market for marijuana which they could make billions and afford to pay teachers and fix roads. Instead our smokin Texans are giving their money to Colorado and California who is reaping the rewards of all the stubborn southern states. Of all things, please don't financially hold the state back with antiquated laws that were made from yellow journalism and racism over 80 years ago and then let Texans give that money to other states.
    Just sounds like we are shooting ourselves in the foot here over such a minor thing that could reap massive rewards.

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