Legal Marijuana In Canada & Why People Are Pissed Off About How It’s Being Sold

The first week of Canada’s legal marijuana rollout has gone splendidly! Except for the fact that people are getting angry at the government’s excessive use of …


  1. your so dumb your blind,Fuck off your being ridiculous about the plastic,winey bitch, how many of your daily foods come in plastic that you eat and put in your body,your a sheepy little hippy go jump off a clif ,first you complain that weed isnt legal then when it is you complain about how it packaged,just have a joint and shut the fuck up,throw the container away and buy your own or grow it from your ear organically you attention seeking hippy fuck.

  2. While everything you have mentioned have merit, it's been legal for how long now? 10 days…. let's ride it out a bit and let the necessary improvements arrive…in other words dude…chill just CHILL…

  3. watch at 1hour 06 min for an opinion from a 30 grams a day medical cannabis consumer.

    Very best of cannabis show most every friday night "Cannabis Culture Live".

    Love Mr. Cookie and Geremiah Vandermeer. Johnny is a-ok but he yells in me headphones…

    Freaking me out every single time.

  4. You have to remember the industry is in it's honeymoon phase. Things are going to change over time. Packaging will likely decrease as well. Consider this a trial run. It's in beta at the moment.

  5. Thanks for the weed but don't worry about all the plastic and paper packaging for the $1,000,000 grams will be covered by the almighty carbon tax!
    So its all good people! Our fearless leader has us all covered. Taxes for everyone!! HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY!

  6. Plastic is an oil based product, you can bet somebody is getting some big kick backs for helping to get their oil based products to carry the weed. Ughhh…never fails, over priced because of the plastic and regulation. C'mon Canada Govt. this was your chance to do something right.

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