How to Play Poker Against Beginners and Amateurs (Poker Tips)

One question I get asked all the time is how to play poker against beginners and amateurs?’ In this video I share a full proof system that you can use to win …


  1. Alex, Good vids. I'm beginner, reading a lot and playing a lot of play money games before going cash. Trying to develop strict folding habits. lol. Signed up for your hand reading piece. Look forward to learning more. Thanks, Bob

  2. No wonder my win rate is up so high at 1-2 live. Soooo boring. But now my image is so strong I can get away with bluffs more. Way more. .. Cuz "he always has it" 😎..

    Come to St. Louis,mo. Play with your Boy!!!

  3. #1 rule of a ring game vs a beginner: don't forget there are 5/6/7/8 other people at the table. it doesn't matter if you play ABC poker against the amateur perfectly, if the next guy in line uses it to needle you for value every hand.

  4. I completely agree with you. It’s harder to put lose aggressive players on ranges, but they easier to play against. Don’t bluff, don’t C-bet, don’t represent hands. just play level 1. You’re almost getting pot odds and implied odds with them. So I get in pots with them often. Pretty much what he said. J,10 suited, Q,J, K,Q. Raised or 3 bet with A,A, K,K, A,K. Raise or call raise with QQ> , If late potion call with suited connectors. get in the pot when it’s cheap or when more then half the players are in the pot. You’ll go in a small downswing, but again with so many players are in the hand, you’re getting the much better pot odds and implied odds. When you have the winning hand, bet it get the max value. You’ll almost get the worse hand to call over 80 percent of the time. Ever since I have done that, I have way more of a winning session.

  5. chink from asia here…….if u cant play against fish or amateurs,its obvious u are not thinking post flop at all….most newbies play their hands almost face up like its written on their foreheads,they are easy as hell to read and manipulate hence the word "soft",possessing either very little aggression or are super aggressive and thus spewing everywhere……those are the best cause u clean them up even faster.their bluffs are terrible and obvious,they commit all the errors and make all the poker faux pas in all the common spots that any experienced regular knows not to make cause it reeks of bad poker logic.if plo is a game of folding monsters all day because ur opponent just turned,rivered a bigger monster…..then nl is a game of chicken,the first one to blink loses cause ur opponent more often than not have this day and age when theres so many strong tough thinking and sharp opponents who are always one step ahead of you……..i would give anything just to sit down at a table full of noobs and amateurs everyday……

  6. I'm looking for anybody's thinking. With the blinds (3-6) being the pot everyone folded up to the player on my right who went all in for $55. With the button on my left and me having pocket queens, I called. The blinds folded. I lost to pocket kings. Question. Was it foolish to risk $55 to win $59? I think it was unwarranted but didn't think about it that way then.

  7. i played the game against 7 guys, where half of them did not know the rules of poker well. the other half rised whatever two hands. there were no flops 1vs1 – almost every time, at least 4-5 ppl involved in flop. and if they found something interesting on flop, they call to river.. for example: flop: AK4 rainbow… the guy with T4o calls to the end against few opponents who bet/rise preflop. I played tight against them and end up with the same money I came with (luckily)… anyway it was from my perspective like playing against 7 guys. they simply moved chips between them all the time, if something went wrong they buy in… even with AA you are always behind against 5-6 opponents since they dont fold… its like 10-12 cards against your two – each time. it wasnt a fun and I could not call this a poker game 😉

  8. Hi Alec…I really enjoyed this video. I play in a weekly game at my community clubhouse. I find that this exact advice is what I needed. I would say that I am by far the best player of the 15 or so people…in recent weeks, I have really taken my education the the next level. However, I haven't won the game in a month…even though I know my plays/range/bets were solid. I feel like I wasn't straying from my range.

    You'll lose on the River bc people think K/3o is a good hand.
    Everyone limps in with anything…but you have to bet 4-6BB to isolate a hand.
    Hard to represent anything anything beyond an obvious over card pair.

    I just need to get back to the basics, and I bet I cash next week. This is the first of your videos I've watched. Looking forward to checking out more. The link above to your hand reading PDF doesn't appear to work. Could you send a new link please?

  9. Everything he says , applies to online poker. All that advanced strategy goes out the window. Idiots online limp in with KK in a late position !!! You put them on a range then pull your hair out when u see their hand at the end

  10. If "good" players cant figure out how to play loose amatuers, they are not good players. First. Dont be afraid of variance. Loose players increase table variance, and sometimes they go on heaters. Second, look for exploitable patterns in post flop play whether in a hand against them or not.

  11. I used to crush live games vs weak competition. But normally those tables had 2-3 crazy loose players and few ok players.
    Now lately i am playing vs 6-7 super crazy and super loose players, and even when i 3 bet big they all call and impossible to know where you are vs 7 callers everytime you raise. And if i go all in they will fold , and we play super deep stack.
    I still win regularly but having much more problem vs this group. We are playing 5/5 but almost every one have 200/300+ deep stacks.
    Anyideas what should i do and how to approach this kinda table, i start to play more small ball then i like but it kinda helps me to control pots. And they pay me if i caj make my hand, however i was expecting to win much more with this table as they were all loose maniacs.

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