How I Sold Weed As A Kid (The Story Of How I Started Pushin Trees)

This is the full story of how i use to sell weed at school and work ! (MUST BE 21 YRS OR OLDER TO WATCH) I always just bought sacks with my homies to …


  1. Yo bro, I'm from the uk over here it's ยฃ10 a gram which is about 12 dollars in the usa, it's never any lower than that some dealers will charge ยฃ15 or even ยฃ20 a gram if they got flavours so over here if your looking for average weed your ganna get lemon or cheese if u want gelato,sky walker,chewbacca and so on u will have to pay a little more ya feel me, also in the video u say sank about "I bought a 10 sack" wtf does that mean bro is that a gram like I'm so confused, remember I'm from the uk so it's different g ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Here's a long story. My uncle owned a weed farm in California and i would sometime visit him from Wisconsin. I was in 7th grade the time and my parents dropped me off at his house every summer, while they enjoy their parents-only summer vacation without me lmao. My uncle always tell us not to go to the green house where he is growing his "vegetables". He told us there's spiders and snakes to scare us off from going in. Then one day I decided to check it while he went to get groceries. I found out… he owned 4 long ass rows of cannabis pot, probably like 12 each row. I was curious what it was because i was also a complete nooby to weed and had NO IDEA what weed really looks like in person and never got high before then. I then came over to a working bench table at one corner and found his old weed grinder and I was sniffing it out of curiosity. And it was skunky asf and had a diesel smell. I looked around longer and found a bunch of joint papers and lighters and quickly i went back inside the house. I was curious and decided to turn on the internet to do some research. He had dial-up internet so i waited a minute and was very nervous cus i didnt want him to find out what i was doing. I then googled what weed looks like and how it works…. and my boy…. i hit the jackpot. It WAS WEED LOL. I knew it first guess even though i was a kid didnt know anything about it. I then delete the browsing history and kept staring outside the window to see if my uncle came home yet. It was probably like 30min ago he left and I thought maybe he won't be back until another hour so I rushed back to his green house of weed and looked around. I found his stash of jarred weed in the back trunk chest hidden in the corner and I was surprised how neatly they were stacke dit must be worth alot if it's nicely stacked, i thought, since i didnt know the value of weed back then. I then grab one of those jar, a 3oz mason jar, and brought it back inside the house. I hid it from my uncle and kept it in my suitcase. That night my uncle was asleep, it was probably 11pm, and I quietly turn the internet back on and googled "how to smoke weed" hahahahahaha. So i went to the back patio and took out the jar, pour out a water bottle and took apart a pen. I made a bong out of it from looking at a youtube video lol. I then taped it with duct tape and then make a bowl out of tin foil. I didnt know how much to put in it so i put a little cus i was scared cus i didnt no what being high was like. It was so small now that i think about it, it was about half a pinky nail size i put inside the bowl. I lit it up… and damn i hella cough hard LOL. First time smoking too, so i didnt know how to inhale properly yet. I cough so hard thzt i scared myself because i thouht my uncle heard me, but he didnt. I then finished it and… "man it didnt work wtf" , I told myself. I then packed the entire bowl and lit it up, my god i was coughing so hard i thought i had a heart attack LOL. On my 3rd bowl i was like "man i dont fedl anything" and started to have doubt .. as i prepared my 3rd bowl ripping a nug to pieces… i soon rezlized i was moving so freakn slow shredding the nug LOLOLOLOL…. i was laughing at myself cus i was like "..Ohhhh shttt!! Am I high?! Is this was high feels like?!! Omg"… i was trying so damn hard to contain my laughter and i forgot about the 3rd bowl hanging on my hand waiting to be lit lmao. I was having a blast and i just stare at the 3rd bowl and said to myself, fk yeah lets rip this and calm down cus i didnt know how effective or long it last and was worried. I then went inside, got so hungry that i reheated the whole chicken that my uncle bought from walmart and i ate the damn whole chicken even though im not a big eater LOL!!! I was so damn satisfy with the taste bud and i went straight to my room, the guest room, and played some gamecube games for a bit. I was playing animal crossing and started interacting with them animal peeps as if they were real lmao. I then fell asleep, i dont rememeber how, but i knocked out in bed with the sheets hanging half off the ground lol. From the day on i sneak in and out to smoke a bud or two every night until the following month when my parents came to pick me up from their vacation. So the thing is, i already assume i couldnt bring it to the airport to go back home so instead… i boxed 2 more jars, total of 3, and sent it to my house via mail. When i got home… i was excited like a kid in a candy shop… school wasnt open yet, until the following week. So everyday i look outside for the usps truck… day 1… day 2… day 3… then on the 4th day i saw the mail man walking up to my front porch with the exact same package box that i shipped from my uncles place…. boyyyy was i happy ! It was like christmas hahhaa. I immediately opened it in my room and started making a small pipe from tin foil. My parents work alot so its usually just me and my very old aunt whos always on the tv. I then open my window for vent and lit it up. Fun times…. i was also sad cus i wish i could celebrate this moment with someone… so i called up my best friend. He was surprised how i got it and never got high before and he was laughing cus i was laughing from the high on the phone. He then came over with his bike and gamecube games and i made him a bong the same way i made with water bottle and pen. He was also curious and scared and i told him calmly its alright. He took it real good and started coughing and backed out. He was so scared that he decided he'll stop at the first bowl. I was like… "man u a wussy!" At him. And he was like hes good cus he was scared and thought the coughing was bad, i told him its completely normal. I googled it, I said. LOLOLOL….. 5min later, dude be tripping. He was holding onto my bed like hes on a roller coaster and kept staring at my bookshelf. I told him, u alright man?! He didnt says shit lmao. He just kept looking and smiled. He then asked to rip another bowl over and over, til like the 6th bowl LOL . I was laughing cus he was litting up the fire and toking when there was NOTHING inside the bowl hahahha he was so stoned LOLOLOLL even thouh he said 1 bowl is enough but he end up doing alot. And we had a funny conversation and laughed all night, ate bunch of snacks, good way to end summer……… Then school came….. it was one time, just once, i wanted to try to lit one during lunch and a friend of mines noticed my smell and i told him not to tell anyone. Shttt i thought i was dead. And then he asked me to buy some. I was like, u for real??? He gave me $20 for 2 fat nuggets. The next day he was all happy and told me he wants some more and i was like… "bro how do u have money, we only 8th graders" lmao. He said it was his savings. I didnt care, as long as i get paid LOL. From there on, i stopped smoking at school cus i wanna be discrete. And i made nearly $600 that year from just the 3 jars i had. I ran out before new years… sigh… then next summer came and i went to my uncles. And one day my uncle came to me while i was eating outside with the dog. He said "did u touch the stuff in there last year????" I was scared and said no in a stuttered voice. He looked angry… then suddenly he laughed and said "did u took some of my jar?" I was in defeat cus he caught me and admitted it, "yeah.." . I looked down and he just laughed and asked what i did to it. I told him i sold it . And we actually became best friends from there on cus he went on asking me how i sold it and i told him stories and stories about my adventure in school selling weed LOL. I told him so many stories, like the one time i sold it to a girl and she got so stoned during homecoming everyone thought she was drunk. From there on my uncle said i can hav free weed only if i dont tell my parents, but only 1 jar per summer. I learned to conserve my weed usage and eventually my parents caught on to me. But they also eventually didnt care anymore cus they so use to smelling it off me. That is my weed story.

  3. I have trouble getting weed sometimes since I go to a private school, and there's like 80 kids there. ๐Ÿ’€ Two of my boys got expelled a couple weeks ago and they always had their dab pens.

  4. Yooo man Iโ€™ve been a fan for long but havenโ€™t checked out your channel in a minute but this video is so dope! You should definitely tell more stories man, Iโ€™ve been following you since I was in the 10th grade myself lmao

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