1. So compact!! I grow early skunk as well since it is the only strain that can resist my climate. They got lik 3meter by 2 each but your nugs had the bigger measurements lol

  2. i enjoyed growing this as well. the super skunk from sensi is great too alot more punjent. both yield great. i wont do this tho. ill yield a third of what niel gets but I can live with that

  3. you sould like you know ur shit. Got a question i have 3 plants in a 5ft x2ft 2m high grow space, used coco from canna with 30%+ added perlite. They are auto flower. I have 3 different strains but i looked into it and they where all some what close to the same life cycle, plant hight, temperature, humidity, i have kept it between 60% humidity and around 29 degrees they are only short life cycle only 9 weeks. I planted on 8th August so it is due to be finished around 10th October (not looking like that) all 3 strains are from 90cm – 120cm but my tallest is max 35cm, dont get me wrong 2 of the plant are just as wide as they are high but still the million of miles away from the high they where expected to be even when i read reviews on the strains people where getting some where near to the hight meant to be, i was hoping they was going to have a growth spert but as budding started 2-3 weeks ago its not going to happen. I know its to far along to fix anything in this grow. I just dont know where i have gone wrong. I have used all canna product canna a & b fertiliser canna rhizotonic i have used just under half what is recommended on the bottle, thats what ur meant todo with autos. Plant shown no sign of nutrition burn, feed with nutrition when dried out, balanced water. I tried reading as much as i can before i started but these problems dont just pop up in books, so if you have any suggestions why its gone wrong or what iv done wrong please point out ✌️🌿

  4. very nice harvest for an auto. I've got a few auto seeds and i have a question or 2 if you can answer them for me id greatly appreciate it. 1 is it ok to use a mild nutrient to feed her and give her a little boost? 2 im gonna try to grow this ak47 auto i have and was wondering if you have ever grown this strain and if so could you give me a few suggestions on what i can do to get some nice buds. I've been growing for a few years but have never tried auto flowers before and from what I've heard your not suppose to use nutes and its good to plant in at least a 3 gallon pot even when your starting your seeds that way the person doesn't have to worry about transplanting. 3 are these tips legit or ? Any help would be much appreciated.

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