1. I don't understand why social medical services are provided for addicts on the street.

    Are these doctors trying to score points? Garbage needs to be left alone so it can decompose sooner than later.

  2. I can't stop chuckling… That one druggie actually just said: 'Well, people did the whole Pill thing. So when that became illegal, you either gotta go through the sickness – or start using heroin.'

    – Gee, I guess heroin is the only option…

  3. Those white hillbillies are silly with their merchandise "return fraud"….

    Imagine if that brain power was put to something useful lol

    Edit: It's hilarious that companies were scammed out of billions; it's like no one cared about loss prevention

  4. No cares about gypsy junkies… 'Oh no, he didn't think it would be worse than heroin and now he's gross and rotting. Someone better help; he wasn't "expecting" that..'


    Lol @ Frank: "HERON!"

    * heroin bruh

    Edit: Frank and Snoop need their own YouTube channel

  5. I do love some meth now and then, here in the UK we call it "speed" never smoked it though, either literally eat it with a drink after or put it in a rizla and swallow, that way the high slowly creeps on you, high as fuck but the come down is horrible 😨 that's why don't do it that often!!

  6. If they would just take the time to refine the krok it would just be desomorphine and wouldn't cause all of the sores and gangrene. It's the phosphorus and solvent that's causing the problems not the actual desomorphine.

  7. So get sick you fucking idiot. I did pills for 3 years, I was terrible- I said “oh man, I feel sick, so I either can do heroin and destroy everything or get clean.” Thank jesus I got clean. Go meet jesus everyone, these people are fucking sad. Rock bottom is not for everyone, it’s for people that can’t get it right before then.

  8. Absolutely crazy, I know addiction is a plague and so hard I just thank God I’ve never been tempted. Interesting documentary thanks very educational. It’s basically a form of escaping from this crap world for some it’s so sad.

  9. This is too hard,it need to have some ,how you say, limit for age
    I like your videos so much,I know a lot,I saw a lot,Krokodil Is the Real horror! Belive me
    I am close to balkan,2000km around, if you see it in reality and smell,you nearly die!
    I don't know what I really wanna write and say
    I am in shock,I can handle it. But for some people… Nightmares after(this following you,if you laugh now or not) glad you do this video's
    But now.. many regards

  10. Snoop & his brother should use one at a time in case one OD's. Why does it take 3 of them to return clothes? all of them get pinched for the same crime? Crazy or Just plain stupid? ✌️♥️🇦🇺

  11. Using for 6 months??? Lucky!!! He IS lucky because he has half a chance of stopping if he tries soon?!? BUT I'm an addict of 18 years & I have a feeling he will be unlucky very soon????

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