CNN reporter Jim Acosta heckled at Trump rally

While doing a live hit at President Trump’s rally in Tampa, Florida, CNN’s Jim Acosta addresses the hecklers chanting “fake news” and “go home” behind him.


  1. I'll guess that a lot of Trump supporters have no idea why they are shouting CNN sucks. They are simply taking whatever Trump says and being mini-Trumps. Trump only likes news media that says only good things about him and all else is fake and should be demonized. This is the kind of world that exists in dictatorships. I'm sure Putin enjoys the news in his country. Trump supporters might want to be careful what they wish for. It takes more than a dictator wannabe to create a dictatorship. It takes people who are willing to blindly follow someone who tells them how to think. If you care anything about America I hope you will realize you are supporting a liar, serial adulterer, and someone who is threatening the very fabric of our democratic way of life. Try putting America first while you still can.

  2. But you don't tell the truth either. The media does nothing but put their opinion out there not fact based news. So in essence they are not reporting unbiased. they are biased and the media – i won't even call them reporters – give one side – all negative. Face it…they hate Trump and will do anything to attack him. TDS

  3. Fake News Reporter Jim Acosta is teary eyed over The Pres talking about body slamming a reporter.  Hey Jim – where were you when Sleepy Joe Biden threatened to take Trump "behind the gym"?  Which  by the way, shows how stupid Biden is.  Trump, a former almost pro athlete would have wiped the floor with Sleepy Joe.  Where were you when Former AG Holder said "kick em when they are down"  Jim where were you when that lying bastard Hillary said no need to be civil until the Dumbocrats win.  Jim, if you are going to pick on Trump at a rally  for crying out loud (when you are trying to hype things up) … then pick on Sleepy, Stupid Joe, Happy Holder, (he's happy because he is too stupid to be otherwise) and Lying Hillary.

  4. CNN does suck so what's the issue here? Jim Acosta can say F**k You on Twitter for the whole world to see but American Citizens can't stand up for their President that CNN is trying to take down? CNN, you suck!

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