CBD Vape Kit Review – Best CBD Pen Vape Kit

Big J reviews the CBDfx Vape Kit. CBD Pen Vape Kit. Get it here: **Be on the lookout for random flash (24hrs) giveaways on our Instagram!


  1. Just stumbled across your channel and so mad you don’t have more subscribers! Love you’re review and how thought out and planned out it feels. Very informative thanks a lot!

  2. Thanks so much for this video. It messed me up when you open the box its a rubber small cap to protect the bottom of the VAPE connector it took a few cuz i didnt want to ruin it but that part pops off and then connect your extender. Whoosh. Wish I had known. Lol.
    I love your videos. Ty Big J…ur the best

  3. Your videos are awesome! You do a great job of reviewing the products and explaining how to use them….without going into unnecessary detail. You have a great energy and I'm not like bored skipping to the parts I wanna hear. It's all helpful stuff!

    Anyways….. you haven't reviewed the CBDfx Mini CBD Wax Pen or their raw dabs yet and I'm going back and forth between that and and the CBD Vape Kit.

    If you or anyone knows where I could find a review I would be super grateful!!
    Thanks in advance!

  4. what's the difference between plain old cbd oil, "cpd oil vape additive," and "e-liquid"? i'm confused on exactly what's necessary versus what are options.

  5. If I want to vape throughout the day, can I use this product? Will I get dry hits, if I decide to vape throughout the day? I recently purchased this pen but I almost lose the CBD taste after 10 to 15 minutes of usage; the taste is almost smoky, not quite a dry hit(doesn't burn the lungs). Would you recommend a different device, if I want to cape throughout the day?

  6. You are just like unbox therapy and I'm sure you know that, not that that is a bad thing I'm also surprise that you don't have more than 5000 subscribers i mean you have good mic quality you have nice cameras and you make good content

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