1. Only have experience with no THC CBD oil. Have read so much on real healing of cancers with a COMBINATION of natural healing modalities…not just ONLY CBD oil. Don’t think it could do any harm to try this, never read negative results from incorporating it! Best to you, sorry to hear this about your friend! Brain cancer is tough, lost my dad to it!

  2. Hi Greg, so sorry to hear about this. My experience with CBD oil my for skin was positive, completely relieved itching and stopped anxiety. There seems to be a tonne of stories of people curing their cancer and autoimmune diseases using it, but the science isn't substantial enough yet to confirm these stories with quantifiable data, I guess it depends which angle you want to look at it. As Katalin mentions below – If Dr Greger hasn't released anything on it, then that's a sign that there probably isn't any conclusive peer reviewed literature on it yet. Saying that, it seems to have pretty much zero side effects, so probably no harm utilising it on top of some other more thorough treatments.
    I saw a story the other day about a man who was diagnosed with cancer and given months left to live. He ate strict carb limited WFPB, did coffee enemas, intermittent fasted, drank pure green juice and used cannabis oil every day and his tumours shrank significantly after just one month. Check out some of Dr Alan Goldhamers stories on fasting too. One lady fasted for 21 days and her stage 3 follicular lymphoma almost completely disappeared. So it appears that a solid combination of fasting, strict wfbp, coffee enemas, green juice and cannabis oil could help things a lot. Send my best wishes to your friend.

  3. Dear Greg. Interestingly enough I heard about someone starting the same experiment for cancer yesterday. I have no feedback on it here in the uk, but ill keep an eye out, definitely. If there's anything I can help with, please feel free to contact me. Meanwhile, Much love to you and to your family . Hug

  4. Please do not experiment with this stuff; it's hardly anything more than snake oil.
    Get all the information from reputable sources like http://www.nutritionfacts.org – Dr.Greger, Dr.McDougall, Professor T. Colin Campbell, and from many more WFPB nutrition experts with decades of research and experience in healing patients given up by the medical establishment. (As far as I know, however, there is a type of brain tumor that befalls only young males between twenty and thirty.)
    Never give up hope. Several years ago my beloved niece – at the time mother of a young child – had to undergo an operation of breast cancer. At the time I learned about the "China Study" by Prof. Campbell. I learned from his research that CASEIN – the main protein in animal's milk is the strongest carcinogen in food

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