Capital markets are open in Canada for cannabis: Greg Taylor

Purpose Investments Portfolio Manager Greg Taylor on the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada and the opportunities for investors in …


  1. It has been Canada's plan all along to to subvert the republican party with canibus. A plan so insidious not even Putin could have come up with it. It goes like this. Trump imposes crippling tariffs on Canadian goods. Canada retaliates buy making weed legal. US investment money (which was earmarked for making America great again) is diverted to offshore canibus industries in Canada. Trump supporters see even more money going out of the country under his watch and impeach him. Is there anything cannabis can't do?

  2. So when it comes to marijuana use fox news says BAD but when it makes investors rich marijuana suddenly becomes GOOD. This double standard is why no one takes fox news seriously.. its all about the money and nothing else matters.

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