Blueberry Cannabis Strain Review: Classic Medical Marijuana

A true legend, Blueberry Strain is indica dominant, possesses a blueberry like sweet taste, and is most used for its relaxing and pain relieving effects. — Classic …


  1. I had an 8th of some true blueberry like 3 days ago. The blueberry strains usually work really well for me. Very potent and tasty stuff. I could taste the blueberry all the way to the very end of the smoke.

  2. No this Blueberry is the original blueberry dj short made his own version. The kind i had 24% so powerful effects taste soooo juicy blueberry misty flavor..pure bliss JJ!!- whooo nice one

  3. Hey Guys
    The Doc grew out SK#1, Super Skunk & Northern Lights
    All from Sensi Seeds
    & one or two of each of them threw out a full Blueberry terpene pheno
    Look around
    You'll find her

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