Blue Lime Pie Marijuana Monday

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  1. You must be an alright guy got a chihuahua I also have a beautiful baby too little Chihuahua Kiki she's my baby my little companion nice-looking Bud you're smoking keeper smoking because a friend with weed is a friend indeed

  2. Hi Remo from a sunny Sweden.
    I love your Marijuana Mondays and the whole concept.
    Your channel is by fare the best cannabis related show in YouTube.
    I have one thing i was thinking about when i comes to the reviews of the strains you test.
    I know you have a back problem with pain and sometimes you mention how the strain you trying is effecting that.
    Is it possible for you to add what kind of feeling and kind of effect it has on all that is trying the strain in the cannabar?
    Like if it give a special sensation in the body, if it take away the pain or whatever it does to mind and body.
    Almost all that is in your monday show have some kind of medical issue, it would be interesting how the strain effects that.
    For me and other medical user that is living in countries that dont allow cannabis and dont have doctors, dispensaries or other good sources of knowledge.
    It would be great information in the hunt for the right strain to grow own medicine with.
    I have grown Your Remo Chemo and i love that strain in many ways, the taste and painkilling effect works great on my nerve and back pain.
    If combined with a high cbd strain its the holy grail of pain medication.
    Whatever you do, keep on rocking n rolling those big joints and i will enjoy every video of it.
    All the best/CBD Sweden

  3. A buddy of mine grew a cross of Ak=47 and Mango back in the day probably 12-15 years ago. It was killer bud, he knew what he was doing he grew it well picked good phenos and knew how to cure well. It was the closest to how good dispensary weed is today, back in the day. When you guys were saying it had a pine and citrus smell in the beginning that is what it reminded me of right away, it even looks like Ak 47 cross Mango.

    Remo I have been out of the loop for a while, I'm glad to see you back on yotube! Veemo was good for what it was worth but it is a lot better to have you on this platform.

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