Bill Burr & Joe Rogan – Can Recreational Pot Be Addictive ?

Bill Burr & Joe Rogan discuss weather or not recreational pot can be addictive or not. And weather its harmful to you if you are one of them wake and bake guys.


  1. Thanks for talking about this topic. I had a hard time quitting pot. It was really fun until something made me very sad and I started using as an

    antidepressant. Dont fall for the beutifull pot songs those are fun but those are also marketing.

  2. It's a felony to do a job on any drug look it up… when people are crazy enough to support something so much to where they would actually deny pure and basic logic for some obsessive advocation of a plant all they have to do is just look at themselves in the mirror….
    and that's coming from someone who's a serious advocate for marijuana….

  3. To even ask that question makes people sound stupid…
    Anything that physically Alters your body and the way your brain perceives something can be addictive like caffeine addictive as in your body wants to be in that specific state and goes through something called withdrawal symptoms does the Jitters that you get when you smoke large amounts of marijuana…
    Marijuana is severely physically addictive anything that changes your white blood cell count is physically addictive literally garlic is physically f**** addictive to say that it isn't you need to get a better education and understand what the f*** addiction means does it mean somebody's going on a crack binge…. it will physiologically change your body therefore it's physically it's literally in the f**** words it is physically addictive and psychologically addictive it's not like the withdrawal symptoms are psychosomatic

  4. Weed is addictive. Which is why when you don't have any, you're like "Damn I wanna smoke so bad" so you search for weed around the house or scrape your pipes for resin. Or even hit up friends. Or buy some more.

    Secondly: If you have absolutely no medical issues and your just Smoking it to just get high, its unhealthy for you cause its still smoke going into your lungs.

  5. Weed actually can be physically addictive. I quit weed after smoking every day for ~10yrs, and I felt like SHIT for a while. The internet is full of reports like mine; days of feeling nauseous, shaky, sleeplessness. All of the things that weed does – especially the munchies and the sleepiness – it all goes in reverse when you try to quit. It's addictive AF, and I'm glad I stopped.

    Also, most people are smoking hybrid Sativa/Indica weed these days. I think Joe makes a good point about Sativa; it was the "regular" stuff you got way back when Mexicans ruled the market. However, Sativa causes paranoia in many people, so that's probably part of why Indica became so popular. Anyways..Joe, Bill, you guys are awesome..loved this talk.

  6. i agree with him i hate people acting like weed is not addictive. i use to be addicted to hard drugs lots of synthetics. i smoke weed now to replace all that and if i didnt have the weed id find another way to get fucked up.

  7. Coming from somebody who used to smoke a quarter ounce a day, I can tell every single one of you stoners here one thing for certain: Weed doesn't make you happy. It makes you forget your sadness. It'll never get you anywhere in life and you'll use it like a crutch just like I did. You'll lie to yourself about the true cause of your pain because you're too addicted to give it up. If you can't go a month without smoking, you're addicted.

  8. There is a difference between physical and mental addiction. Pot can be extremely mentally addictive but I dont believe physically. You arent going to have to detox or go through withdrawal when you quit. You'll just hate it.

  9. Why can i smoke weed everyday for a year then go on vacation to portugal and not smoke for a whole week and not feel anything negative not even by 1%.

    Almost anything else is addictive.

  10. I understand all you are saying, but I discovered the difference between pot heads and alcoholics as a teen.
    My father is/was alcoholic a buddys dad was a pot head.
    The difference was, my dad beat the shit out of us if drunk and pissed off.
    His dad played loud music and didn't want to be bothered!
    Needless to say I probably drink about 6 beers a year. And medicate about twice a month.
    As for someone using it as a sleep aid, it must be better than all the crap in pharma.

  11. The best sex is when you have a giver and it's mutual. Done it all. Cbd is solid. No high and beneficial. This is okay. Advil is addictive. Joe… think more. Maybe try a small dosage of sativa and you'll learn more.

  12. You can be against something and not be gay. You can also not be mad if someone disagrees. Joe Rogan is stretching. He's obsessed with marijuana. Doesn't listen to anyone who disagrees. With new laws and large pharmaceuticals, weed is addictive because it's engineered. Being high on a job high or altered doesn't make it okay and will change production. "It just seems a lot worse." Joe is smart and then talks about weed.

  13. Youtube is a drug as well when youtube went down, people almost lost their shit! Everything is addictive. Jerking off, tv, sex, coffee, gaming, nail eating, specially these two morons talking here have their own kind of addiction.

  14. Addiction/abuse are a given for anything,
    but going so far as to say that a hit of weed before bed is comparable to alcoholism and completely disregard or confuse the distinction between addiction / dependency / reliance of medicine, is a complete fallacy

  15. No it can not be addicting. People can be get a habit, but there is nothing in marijuana that is addicting. People can also get a habit of biting their nails, but we don’t pretend like nails are addicting.

  16. "He was voting against gay marriage and he was gay" what's the contradiction? Just because you are gay doesn't mean that you think that gay marriage is right.
    Specially judgers, they are the ones that aways (or at least should) look at both sides of the coin

  17. Lmao, I smoke weed ALL the time and ive taken multiple T breaks this year and i dont have any withdrawals or feel the need that i HAVE to smoke. Eating food can be addictive if you have an addictive personality by a lot of yalls arguments.

  18. "he flunked a drug test and lost his job"-Burr.
    "thats a shitty job"-Rogan.

    Not the point Rogan, most people work to put food on there families plate no matter what. Joe ain't no 19 year old with any career he wants ahead of him. Loss on brownie points for Joe

  19. Im addicted to weed and I moved to NZ where weed is disgustingly shit so now I smoke shit weed that doesn’t get me high and costs way more than it should because dealers aren’t competing for business. So I grow my own to satisfy my needs and I get fucked by some shit genetics where all my plants have hermmied. Now my addiction takes me back home to London where I can ask for an ounce and get it in 15mins instead of a week.

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