Hello Gorgeous! I’m an avid Amazon shopper, so I thought it’d be fun to film a video all about my favorite products to buy on Prime. This video is NOT sponsored, …


  1. Thanks for sharing! I recently started using Native deodorant and love it! Works just as well for me as the aluminum ones. I was surprised.

  2. You are so funny and thanks for the product reviews. I love Amazon Prime too. I want an Instant Pot so bad lol… It's funny because it's just a new version of the old timey (dangerous) stovetop pressure cooker. God bless!

  3. I just discovered the Glamorous Wash and I’m obsessed!! I included it my August Favorites video. Heaven is the perfect way to describe the scent!! 😍😍😍💕💕💕✨✨✨

  4. I a.m. addicted to amazon … I get all my method cleaners . The grapefruit is the best !!! I also get all my farmhouse decor … the pillow covers and the pillows are amazing !!!!

  5. Girl, that was a struggle to watch. I feel like you could have cut half of your banter out. I didn't even finish watching this. I do like your demeanor though, I just thought this video was a bit long for my taste.

  6. SUBSCRIBED! I don't know what other kind of videos you have but I liked your more natural suggestions (dryer balls, calm, deodorant). Looking forward to your other videos!

  7. How am I just now discovering your channel?! I’M A SNOB TOO!!! I like things the way I like them and it’s hard to change my mind! I will be picking up almost all of your recommendations! ♥️♥️♥️

  8. I was using native for a while but it started giving me a rash ☹️ now I use one by Korres and I LOOOOOVE IT. it's called Equisetum 24 hour deodorant. A bit pricy, but I can usually find a discount code!

  9. Hi Angela! My name is Priscila Ruelas and I love your video and your amazon recommendations. Im obsessed with amazon too lol! I just wanted to let know that I’m the owner and creator of Se Natural which is a natural deodorant. It would be an honor if could try it. I would send you a free deodorant so can test it and see for yourself how good of a deodorant it is! It is a 100% natural with only 5 organic ingredients and no aluminum! Let me know if you are interested and I’ll mail it to You! Best regards xx

  10. I love Native Deodorant. I actually like a lot of their men’s scents better. Eucalyptus and Mint is my fave so far! And I like that they have seasonal scents, too!

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