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  1. It's NOT drama. It's for concern for your family dynamics. I think anytime a highly watched person on social media goes through a dramatic change, or something serious, it will bring attention regardless. I don't take sides. I'm not a bias person. Wrong is wrong, right is right.

  2. Cassells keep doing what you do. Don’t allow the amount of views the dictate what you do. Be authentically you!! Love you guys. I can relate My child is 8 and her dad constantly takes me to court whenever I don’t do what he wants me to do!!!

  3. I would love to see Des do some challenges. How about a Carolina reaper pepper challenge? I know you like hot foods and pepper sauce. Sounds silly but those videos blow up!

  4. I just subscribed I like that y’all keep it 💯 drama, Family, vlogs. I feel y’all the one of the many families on YouTube that actually keep it real. I love y’all Channel

  5. Oh and yes I am a minority on the drama part too! I started watching because you guys are in the military since I am about to be a part of that life lol and Kiara and you have prepared me some what on the new life that is about to take place lol I just kept watching because of Kiara's beautiful personality.

  6. I watch you because you guys are my favorite YouTube Fam! You do have Loyal Subscribers. #CassellCrew Don’t make us suffer for dumb people. Des start your channel back up!!! In all honesty the reason why I watch is because you guys keep it real. You don’t sugar coat anything.

  7. Dont be like everyone else. Nobody appreciate fakeness. We watch y'all because you all are relatable. Don't go fixing half of your background up and the other half looking like trash because you trying to have a "perfect" video. It's not realistic. I think most of us have gotten too invested in you guys life and always want to know how things are going. Some do like the drama but I think people really just want to know what's going on with the cassells. I have been watching for a little over 4 years (DaintyChina, ChinaAndTheGuys) and I think you all have changed a lot honestly. I think that is because you show more than what you used to. Like these arguments. This is my first time watching in over a week because I don't enjoy these vids like I use to. I think whenever I do watch now it's just to see what's going on but I don't relate anymore. I argue with my husband, take care of my kids and home but now it seem more like a job to you all than something you enjoy. I feel like you care less for the subscribers now with the words they get. I'm sure y'all are disrespected everyday by hating trolls but don't forget you got true subscribers as well. I honestly think the haters are some of the old dedicated subscribers that used to enjoy the videos. Instead of hating I just rather not watch. I still like this family a lot. I think I'm just over the whole YouTube family thing. Eventually everybody drift to be something different. Even if youtubers see youtube only as a job remember you still have to have good customer service. You can't go all curse all the customers out over a few unsatisfied customers.

  8. I think people watch your videos because they get the real. I hate reality shows on tv because it all seems scripted. But you and Kiara are genuine. Love your sit down talks Desmond . Sometimes you talk about stuff that is not necessarily talked about but needs to be heard. Love yalls channel.

  9. I rock with the Cassels great job Desmond! I like to hear or see both sides of the story so the finger pointing is not at the wrong person. Sometimes both parties are wrong and to stubborn to realize. Anyways I will continue to watch I enjoy the vlogs and can relate to the good and bad.

  10. Also I don’t know if you checked but your laving the hospital with baby got 125k views . Babies first bath got 60k views , a lot of the baby videos / regular family days got a lot of views so it’s not just drama . I’m different I don’t like the drama because I get enough of it in my own life lol . I don’t have to watch your argument because I get into enough of them with my husband lol just keeping it real . But it’s y’all channel I support you all , do your thing .

  11. Is it hard to get SFC at your first look as an 88 series- if that is a what you at are. My buddy is having a hard time even getting into ALC. I know it’s not my business, but I’m just curious.

  12. Desmond you are exactly right. Sadly this day in age people LOVE drama over REAL!!! I mean…come on, we live in a world where most people watch nothing but reality tv that's full of drama, fights, disrespect, anger, disloyalty & the list goes on. That's why I LOVE & APPRECIATE you & your family because of the realness you guys display everyday!!! NOTHING FAKE OR SUGAR COATED!!! No one is perfect nor are any marriage's or families. It's just life & you guys rock at it!!! Keep going strong…love you guys💯💖😍😘

  13. I really don't prefer Drama it makes me feel some type of way I enjoy seeing families be together having a good time don't get Mr wrong i know life isn't like little house on the prairie lol there will be times where s*hit goes down but that's not what I prefer to see.

  14. GOOD'T!!!!!!! You like DRAMA TOO, DES. Admit it! Black males don't like their women to shine or out-shine them. THEIR jealousy is so CHILDISH and PETTY! KEEP SHINING KIARA, SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND. Do YOU, GIRL!

  15. Due to how YouTube’s new algorithm, that’s where those other 60,000 are lol. It’s so weird!! Like sometimes when you guys post different things with new tags you won’t show up in my notifications even though I’m subscribed with the bell. Lol. Like if 10,000 of those people subbed bc they watched your grocery hauls but you don’t post any for a long time, it won’t notify those people bc youtube isn’t recommending it to them lol WEIRD

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