90’s “This is Your Brain on Drugs” Commercial – Extended Cut

We found the rest of the “This is Your Brain on Drugs” Commercial. SUBSCRIBE to Above Average Network: LATEST from Above Average …


  1. All Heroin addicts should be incarcerated and be made to clean up before they are set free and the families should pay for it because they allowed them to become an addict!
    Also the Prostitute Doctors for the Murdering Drug Companies who prescribe an Opiate for $$$ profit should be stripped of their License and the wealth taken from them to pay for the treatments of addicts!!!

  2. 1:03 "But I need to express myself" – this line is brilliant. Beautifully captures the current entitlement-epidemic, where one's feelings reign above all else, and if destruction is the price, then so be it – justified in the name of "self-expression" (read: uninhibited, unchecked, glorified narcissism)

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