1. Loving the cages around those beauties. Could have used them this summer. Nice looking plants man, I salute you. Those neighbours look to close for comfort. I’d invest in a Rottweiler. My dogs useless at guard duties, just mopes about eating the lower leaves.

  2. You have a great grow! This is my first time down here in California, and it is very successful. Only three females out of six, three males. Male have been harvested before flowering. Great setup you have. I love your shady seating area.

  3. Looking great mate. Appreciate you growers in the states sharing your knowledge with the world. Every state in Australia it’s still illegal so it’s enlightening to see how you guys do it and how it could be for us one day as well maybe 🇦🇺👍

  4. Im from India can u tell me I sow my seed July 1st week. I have sown blue dream seed and how many months it take to flowering? I don't want exact answer but tell me what you know. 1st time grower n I have also put it outside

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