1. For everyone who says "it helps me with……", you're going to realize one day that it didn't really help you at all. Everyone I know who would say that, after they quit, would always admit they were lying to themselves and stopping only brought great benefits to their lives.

  2. Rawb, you have to read this : I'm trying to quit smoking weed, I've been struggling. Last time I smoked, I felt horrible about it. I thought to myself : "it ruins my presence, it dims my aura….". I went on youtube after this, and I noticed the video you most recently uploaded hours prior to this thought, was about your aura and vibrations. I thought hmmm, that's a sign!

    I haven't smoked it again, but I'm using videos on here to keep me convinced it's a terrible idea and to stay sober. Now you upload this video. I'm studying through Doctor Morse, my goal is to graduate his class like you and also learn iridology. These are strong signs to me, thank you so much brother! You're guiding me to the light and we've never even met. How cool is that?

  3. Yes, but cannabis and mushrooms, for example, have super spiritual and medicinal aspects to them.. I totally respect your decision and I relate in some aspects.. for me, where I am currently, cannabis helps me a lot, but I do plan to take a huge break from it when I feel the calling

  4. I had this conversation with a good friend last night! Weird. Both of us grew cannabis for decades. Marijuana is a propaganda name created by Harry Anslinger. Don't give him credit by using it. We were arguing about who smoked more, haha. But we both ended up quitting recently. The bottom line was now that we're conscious, it brings us down. I loved smoking pot. It was my best friend. I'm sad that it's over. But I feel fresh and sharp now. Not dull and fatigued. He has always said that people get high so they can get back to feeling like a child. Wow, the end of your video is something I wish I had heard many years ago. I have finally learned to be around people who are loving themselves and others.

  5. all those times you wanted to go to the beach but then you got high lol ;p then u finaly got there and u was like man it would be good to smoke a joint right now, but then you were like no, raw food is good enough i just need a carrot, and then you made this video 😉

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