1. Nice video.
    I have been measuring my nutrients. by weight because I find it to be easier.

    If anyone is interested here's how I came up with the weights to use.

    I looked up the SDS for each nutrient to find the specific gravity then multiplied by 4.9289 to get the weight (rounded to the nearest tenth of a gram) required for one teaspoon.
    Big Bloom 1.087 * 4.9289 = 5.4 grams
    Grow Big 1.222 * 4.9289 = 6.0 grams
    Tiger Bloom 1.234 * 4.9289 = 6.1 grams

    Thanks for the video.

  2. So I'm growing 2 plants in my yard and have the nutes. The first day I did it I used an entire gallon to water/feed them. In regards to your suggestions could I get away with making 1 2L bottle a week (with the proper nutrient ratio) and use half on Sunday and half on Wednesday? Or would I need to use the whole 2L per feeding day to be sure all nutrients were absorbed, and therefore need 2 2L bottles per week?

  3. I've spent a small fortune buying the complete Fox Farm Nutrient line. Still confused on what works with coco. Some say hydro schedule and some say soil. Very little support from Fox Farms. The forums and youtube videos are equally vague.

  4. the bembee molasses mix is rocking out mine… i tried the powder stuff and that with the other stuff they sell is such a great nutritional combination that with silica and humus and other stuff.. i tried that and microbrew and the roots ones awesome awesome product as well… i started off with just the three but i tell you these other ones they sell really expand the potential of the nutrients…

  5. I feel u bro my problems are time and money wise i cant keep a job cause they are temps or seasonal field work and cant get a decent job cause i cant pass a THC drug screen yes it might test for all drugs but whats holding me back is smoking weed which is legal is California so wth?! Right? But i wake up every morning barely making it either cause my lil bro or my mom scratch enough money up and it kills my dignity but its a good time watering feeding and spending time with my plants

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