Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World’s Greatest Secret

“Unacknowledged” focuses on the historic files of the Disclosure Project and how UFO secrecy has been ruthlessly enforced – and why. The best evidence for …


  1. Overpopulation and resource consumption are the issues that are at the root of every issue on this planet.

    The powers that be hold us responsible for the destruction of the planet because we won’t stop reproducing and consuming, yet they are the ones producing the things that are destroying the planet. They promote homosexuality through film, television, internet and music and their hidden agenda is to slow human production. They provide us with prescription drugs and foods that destroy our hormone levels, which lessen our abilities to reproduce. Unhealthy humans are less likely to reproduce.

    They suppress technology that would lower or eliminate pollution, yet they refuse to acknowledge that it exists so they don’t have to share it, then blame us for driving oil powered vehicles that pollute.
    They package our foods in plastics made from oil, then blame us when these items end up in our oceans while providing very few of us with recycling facilities.

    The banks, corporations and governments want to control everything with an iron fist, yet break their own laws and provide no sustainable solutions for the worlds problems.

    These people are consumed by greed, are sociopaths, and have plateaued as leaders.

  2. A sense of anger I feel after watching this. The lost Century, drip feeding starving nations aid when these bastard governments could have prevented it or I'd go as far as state they created it in the first place.

  3. Too bad the Democrats voting out Trump, the "get-rich-quick before I die" GOP & winning the house & Senate won't make a difference when it comes to this subject. Most people don't have the attention spans to wonder why we're still using combustion engines in 2018….

  4. An absolutely brilliant film! Dr Greer presents a highly cogent narrative backed up by tremendous amounts of credible evidence and information from credible sources with valuable direct experience. The disclosure movement is certainly gaining momentum as people are waking up and people like Dr Greer and David Wilcock should be applauded for their commitment to enabling the masses to learn the truth, especially given the risk it puts them under. I also found the docu-film THRIVE and the early books by Barbara Marciniak to hold very compelling and complementary information about the truth of our existence, in particular, around the people and shadow organisations that purposefully keep us in the dark for their dishonorable agendas. Things are changing though and we're living in an incredible moment where a new world is being born. I feel a revolution is just around the corner!

  5. I mostly liked the documentary, most of which I did already know.

    What I didn’t like about the documentary is the cheesy music which makes it the TV equivalent of a tabloid magazine, and why not show the letters and documents clearly instead of close up magnification where you can’t read much of the page. Steve Greer wants the information out there but still keeps some of it back from us.

  6. Dr Steven M Greer works for the government and is pushing alien and new age nonsense along with NASA and Hollywood. Gullible masses will be deceived by the end time conspiracy of inventing conspiracies. "Aliens" have always been demons.

    Watch or read Gary Bates.. Alien Intrusion

  7. This documentary is fantastic, and just intensifies my burning desire to know more. One thing I hate however is the precursor recruitment clip from Independence Day Resurgence being documented as an actual military recruitment video (filmed for future release). Oh, and Richard C Doty's interview to camera where he's clearly struggling for answers.

  8. What would be the reason that aliens not of this world; hide themselves from the world? Why would the aliens allow us to use their technology to destroy each other? What would be so concerning that aliens would choose this way of secrecy?

  9. I watched this documentary and I don't know why there's so much secrecy. Unless there's good reason to keep quiet like if they eat humans which I think they might, and that's why they can't make contact with regular people. I mean maybe the E.Ts are like reptillian and they eat people, and maybe they can't control them self, so the elites have made deals with them to give them food (humans) to eat in exchange for the majority of the human race to live in peace. I also think maybe the elites of this world are from outer space, and that's where our electronic technology comes from. I wonder though how much ahead of us where they/are they? Also I wonder if there's more intelligent life out there and if so how advanced are they? I mean I think there may be intelligent life thousands, millions or even billions of years ahead of us, and that is scary, but it could be a good thing. Also, I wonder if there's dinosaurs out there on another planet, or if there's other humans out there. I have two hypothesis on what happens when we die, and they are as follows…

    1. The earth resets, history repeats, and we are eventually reborn as ourselves.

    2. History repeats on another planet, and we are reborn as ourselves onto set planet.

    I think life could be repeating on other planets like planet earth right now. I mean everything came from nothing so what's there to stop life happening exactly the same on other planets? And if it is that means we could travel in time if we could reach one of these planets, or at least it would be similar to travelling in time. If life is repeating the same as it has on planet earth.

  10. It seems to me that if some bad black
    Ops New World Order types are planning a fake alien attack to kill 5 billion people then the aliens he speaks of will certainly intervene to stop it since they care so much about us! Nothing to worry about!

  11. Our safety is now at a higher risk than before. Not by ETs but by those mere 5% who run their Agenda. They will stop at nothing to maintain control over this planet.
    Even so far as creating a HOAX with recreated facsimiles of actual UFO aircraft. Just as with 911. Death toll means nothing to them. We all know they want to AND ARE killing us all off one by one. They want to reduce our population by 95%!!! This may just push them over the edge!
    A revolution will be the beginning of the end for the USA just as has been foretold by prophecy after prophecy. The rest of the world will go on and there will be peace and harmony but not until the USA will be no more. Look it up. Even reference to TRUMP in it but he is referred to as the TRUMPETER. Sad sad times ahead for us all. I send love and light to those that survive.

  12. Aliens are descendants of the fallen angels. During the time of Enoch they took human wives and brought about hybrids. Not all were killed during the time of Noah. During the time of Moses Joshua killed one race but other races survives. Their goal is to take over the human race tbrough energy and genetics. Most likely the antichrist that the Bible speaks of will come through these powerful aliens which are half celestrial and half human. Remember Almighty God created us in his image. And the human race belongs to him. Keep your minds and your eyes on the cross. Gods son is returning soon to bring this planet back on prospected and rid of the mistake of long ago. A battle is brewing. Dont be deceived. God Bless our race.

  13. Hope you have some more concrete evidence than all of the crap put out over the last 50 years or I want it free. How come a spaceship can fly through space and yet crash on earth?????

  14. in keeping with the whole "open mind" notion (I am not on either side of the fence in fact I have seen a UFO personally and I believe) but who's to say that Steve Greer isn't in fact a front-man, or spokesman if you will, that has been selected to front an extremely well thought out, well-timed, and incredibly convincing execution of a mass-diversion tactic by whatever "powers that be" ? I'm just saying, keep your mind limber and consider ALL the angles. Interesting stuff. (sighting of distant orange-red orb/craft, long distance about January 2002, Wellington NZ, spotted with witness) after I saw this I have never stopped investigating, I know that when contact is made here on Earth (it's WHEN not IF) that the Human race will be forever changed for the better. Welcome I say 🙂

  15. I havent seen this but i am confused. He seems to be saying that aliens exsist but that the govenrment is planning a false flag alienattack. How do you acknowledge their exsistence and yet conclude an attack would be fake? Can someone explain? Thanks

  16. I don't quite get it. Clearly the civilizations that are visiting us from other planets and star systems are multitudes beyond where we are technologically and cognitively. That said, why get upset if the upper echelons of society are hoarding what they know? Technically regular folks would have the same chances of making contact. May the best side win.

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