Think Tent 2018: High time to legalise cannabis?

The criminalisation of cannabis in the UK has failed. The black market is awash with high-strength, hazardous products. Seizures, prosecutions and health …


  1. The guy closest to the camera is flat out lying about the numbers and the facts in his argument.
    The number of people who use cannabis has increased 20x fold…while the number of new instances of schizophrenia has remained the same (not even a 2x increase)

    This might be the worst "debate" I've seen on this topic…
    None of the panelists (for or against) seem to have any factual information whatsoever.

    Big thumbs down from me.

  2. Also, despite one of the panelists making the distinction between legalisation and decriminalization … They all at one point or another used the wrong one.
    We need to clear up the confusion… Not create more.

  3. Also if we are going to have a sensible debate on this topic, people on both sides of the debate need to STOP using the word marijuana when referring to cannabis.

  4. The vast majority of cannabis "dealers" in the UK are only "criminals" because the law is wrong.
    If you change the law then "dealers" should be given licensing priorities over newstarts in the industry.
    Otherwise you will have forced hundreds of thousands of hardworking entrepreneurs out of work and simply handed their livelihoods and incomes to already wealthy people who had (before sensibly changing the law) previously branded their produce "criminal."

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