The Medical Miracle Of Cannabis & The Opportunities Of The FUTURE! – with Lucas Birdsall

Josh Sigurdson talks with Lucas Birdsall of International Cannabis Corp (ICC) about the future potential of the cannabis markets world wide. First, Lucas goes …






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  2. My wife…. helped kill her cancer, all info here… Cancer Beaten Naturally (facebook) My wife cured her cancer naturally (cannabis oil, apricot kernels and more) all info at Cancer Beaten Naturally on FaceBook..
    In Canada Rick Simpson (Run from the cure… on youtube) proved that cannabis oil cured cancer. He contacted the Canadian Gov't….nothing happened except the RCMP raided his crop. He contacted Cancer Canada (huge fund raiser, 55% goes to office expenses), he said, "I found the cure , no need to spend millions of dollars looking for a cure". They sent Rick a form letter….Thank you Mr. Simpson we don't look at natural cures. They would rather show bald dying children in ads used to raise more $'s for the cancer industry.
    I was lucky and found many cures. When my wife was sick in 2015 we were pleasantly surprised to find that Ty Bollinger talked about all my cure finds except one, Aloe Aberscens. (info at FB group above.) Finding the Bollinger's info sure bolstered our confidence in our plan A. When we had the 1st appointment with the Oncologist my wife had 6 out of 15 blood 3's out of range. She had non hodgkins follicular lymphoma. (worst kind,3 lymph nodes around her stomach) The Dr. said their plan was to wait and see because if their treatment did not work now it wouldn't work later….huh? Good thing we had plan A. 3 months later our cures left us with one, one! blood factor slightly out of range. Less than 6 months all were normal, no cancer. This year my wife met a retired nurse that actually worked with the very same oncologist before we went to see her, The nurse said no one that had Louise's type of cancer ever went to in the hospital with it and came out cured. The oncologist just rolled her eyes and walked away when we told her what we were doing on our own…NEVER asked the details for other patients!!!

  3. Canada is totally screwing over Cannabis…..Why? Because nobody in the government is interested in anything but the money…..Their whole understanding of the situation is way off…The government will only learn at its peril.

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  5. It's still so interesting to me that the gov has the power to tell us what he can and cant consume. I mean cigarettes and alcohol are addictive and are killing ppl left and right, but hemp, cannabis, CBD whatever, these can have healing affects and actually exhibit health benefits, yet are illegal, and we aren't allowed to consume even medicinally. It's about time we start looking at the benefits!!

  6. ICC has A LOT going for them!! Full blown worldwide operations is huge. Cannabis will be legalized in the US on a fed level, it's just a matter of time. The fact that the trends has started in Canada and in Europe, shows we are moving towards its acceptance.

  7. Back in the good old days when the government didn't interfere in everything, before WWII, we were much better off. The government takes control of everything, pretending to be parents to us, when all the while, they're pulling us down, even crooks had ethics in the old days. It wasn't like Hollywood portrays. We had a mind we could use, where today everyone is Dumb and Dumber

  8. Today, in our new banana country, anything goes. The "gateway drug" is now a medical miracle. Our history is being whitewashed, everything that made America what it was is being reversed. I am just thankful I grew up when I did and knew America when it WAS great.

  9. Months ago I thought, "can you imagine if it's all a big game to get people's money? The billionaires go in and prop up the marijuana industry, the public gets excited and pumps all their money into marijuana stocks thinking they'll get rich, then when everyone thinks it will skyrocket (when it's legalized) the billionaires pull out and the stocks will go way down causing all those people that thought they'd get rich off the marijuana stocks to actually get stuck in the market at a loss." Seems to be what's happening so far but we'll see how the market reacts once quarterly results are reported.

  10. I have a wrecked wrist thanks to a motorcycle accident, knees, back and neck also got a bump thanks to it.
    Started smoking cannabis a few years ago against the pain. The pain is still there, but it's durable thanks to it. Another benefit for me is that it keeps me relaxed, because since i'm disabled, it's very hard to get a job since you have to tell it during you interview.
    It lets me be more creative than when i didn't smoked it. By now i'm in the final stage to start up my own business, 3d designs for household objects that starts to become bloody annoying when your at home a lot.
    Only the "stoned" effect is something that buggs me, depending on the weed, the high is different.
    So i'm very picky on what i smoke.
    See it as, for example, birth control pills. Some woman react better on one brand than another. It's kinda the same with weed.

    Are there people who smoke it just to be cool? Of course, just like driving a certain brand car, drinking, doing whatever.

  11. Years ago, I had some wicked Thai budda and it opened my mind man. I had a good hard look at myself also! You can't woof cones before work though. Haha. Just like anything like that. Grog etc.

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