The 700 Club – February 16, 2018

Author Lore Cottone shares about her experience raising a son with Asperger Syndrome. Plus, at a time when twenty vets are lost to suicide each day, see how …


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  2. Here's the Fun 🍺🔬🇺🇸🌎 Facts, There is a God, but the God that the American Church Chooses, to Worship, is Money, American churches Are Glorified, Social Club's and Businesses that use a religious theme. There's….about, two to three American generations that have been finding ways too Exploit ((The Hebrew/American God)) in Profitiable and Non-Profitiable way's. The Goal…, is Still, all about Money💰💰💰. And it is something that does Sucker Everyday American People too believe in the ((American God of Money)) I Do not Know if there has always been a Shadowed Controled system out there too manipulate the American Core Belief/Values. But it's fairly obvious to the common Individual, something isn't right. Do I believe in a Holy and Rightious God, Sure I do…😊😊😊 However…., I am Carefull about it.☎🔬☎ )))) The loose transcript of the Hebrew Now Very Very Very ….Very Old writting's, that have been taken from the Hebrew Book, Manuscript or Womanscript or Fishscript, Godscript etc. Are, With Face Value…$$$)) do reasonably instruct and imply too the reader, to act civilized and rationally fair towards each one another. However, with $$$ 💰💰💰 Cash being the New God of the American Chruch, it's fairly plan too see, Whatever Compationate Holy and All Knowing God that is out there, is ….Not in America Anymore. It is Gone For – Ev- Or. 😄📬👎⛪

  3. People's state of mind changes; if you judge them for that state at any given time, that infringes upon their freedom. For example..saying..I hate that school and want to shoot everyone up, and you tell that to someone, does that warrant an investigation? This kid had no previous abnormal behavior. You can't do this, law enforcement would be overwhelmed trying to discern who is a threat and who is not i.e., why the FBI didn't act. This is horrible and part of a sick society. We, Americans, glorify violence, it's part of our culture: sports, entertainment, bullying, it goes on.

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