Stock Market Interview – Canadian Cannabis Legalisation (Part 1) (CR: financial blogger Doc Holiday)

Chart websites I use: bigcharts, sharpcharts, and IG markets Here’s the best book I’ve found on the stock market: …


  1. date of video 17th October 2018 – I'm watching on the 25th October 2018 –

    I'm looking at HMMJand he was 100% spot on. That fund has lost over nearly 20% over the last 7 days. I wish I'd have watched this video a few days ago.

    Kudos Shaun

  2. Was the marijuana etf even around when CA changed their laws? I know it's mostly holding the big Canadian names now. Well, no one stopped taking the stuff. In fact it's the opposite, more people are smoking than ever before as it's all sold out. So it's a speculative sell off. Also, Canada isn't really open to the public until April. That's when you'll have the private dispensaries. 2019 is going to be great for them business wise. One development after another. Lots of projects years in the making will be completed.

    Why would you give the jew your money when a stock is down on no news but because the entire market is selling off? That's a great way to go broke in a hurry. I'm totally with you on locking in profits, but if you buy something then it shits the bed the next day for no reason…

    Watching the XAU as an indicator for gold is putting the cart before the horse. The shares go the way of the metal just more so.

  3. Shaun, thanks for all you impartial advice, so good to hear from someone as real as yourself. We’ve started a lil mini wolf pack in your honour and we know we’ve missed the Canada bubble! We’re throwing all eggs in a company called Sativa Investments. The first U.K company to be listed on the stock exchange, It’s trading a 10p a share… surely this is a winner? Would thoroughly appreciate your opinion.

  4. so, when do we buy? given long run interest rates meet demand globally, 2/3 of the worlds best economies up for sale, and in equities, he wants to know what a pension will do. (they reckon cash flows are point less, but banking stock has to be an indicator ? what goes around, comes around?) The global position is the long run on interest rates matches savings. (I support the socialist position by the way)


  5. Interesting what you said about Elron. They're all singing from the same hymn book Clinton foundation, The war on drugs and the ONC server hack all part of the elite plan to dispense huge funds.

  6. hey mate! I've been heavily in crypto since all the hype, very interested to look into cannabis now, and great to hear your insights. Just to get a gauge, how early/late is this in the trend? I don't get the feeling it's gone mainstream yet like Bitcoin etc did. It's obviously impossible to say but in general terms is it likely investing now you're early or late to the game? cheers! N

  7. Love the channel shaun made money with the cannabis shares video you made thank you. Would love it if you started making stock market videos maybe recommend stocks to buy and lessons on when to buy and sell i would love it if you did a stock market playlist and how to build and diversify your portfolio correctly again thank you for the previous cannabis videos hope you make more on other stocks to buy all the best shaun good luck in all you do.

  8. Shaun, I subbed for the prison stories a long while ago now but loving the trading vids. Fascinating to hear the rare, true 'insider' views as opposed to the hype (all too common in AIM especially). Keep 'em coming!

  9. Hello Shaun, i have only very recently started watching your videos but I've been really appreciating them and i was just wondering if theres anywhere i could message or email you privately? Keep up the great work! Thank you.

  10. Nice 1 Shaun – one of my favorite investing stories from Party Time was when you started successfully offloading tons of junk bonds to people who liked to gamble 😉

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