Rock Church – Breaking the Silence on Mental Illness

In this message, Pastor Miles addresses those who suffer silently from depression and mental illness. He encourages us all to trust God with our problems and …


  1. when it comes to addition and mental illness, the church has nothing to offer but scripture verses and fear of the devil….no point going to one of those places if you need real help

  2. When I was diagnosed with bipolar depression I expected people to understand and have sympathy or even empathy and when I feel really at my lowest I dont have the motivation to take care of myself and part of not caring for yourself is feeling like your medicine isnt helping because your still sad so you stop taking your medicine and you decide to give into the thoughts in your head telling yourself your not good enough…. and when your surrounded by people who only relate and respond to the world…. they wont understand, they will overlook your mental illness and just label you a bad person, and unworthy person…. and because you already believe those things about yourself they just give you confirmation that you dont matter…… I realized how much I not only need God but how much I need people in my life who are chasing after God. I stepped away from church because I had a bad experience with church family and for so long I let that experience take me away from God. I live in Atlanta and I am looking for a church home.

  3. Thank you Miles. Please Pray Pray Pray for me. I am so so so Sick. major depression & Anxiety and no meds. works. I have no will to live like this. I am slowly dying from anorexia not because i think i'm fat I no I'm bones lost 25 pounds in 10 months I can't eat. MY Jehovah's Witness family has disassociated me, even restraint orders are on me never to see my 5 grandchildren as long as i live says my Daughter. THE LITTLE GIRL IN THE PHOTO IS BELLA who lived with me for 7 years – PLEASE IN MY MEMORY WATCH The video of me and Bella Titled Bella & Grandma Lisa in my Lika Souza Channel I said The forgiveness prayer at the end of your video I'm Still crying, I can't LIVE WITHOUT HER.

  4. I found this video by accident. Thank you so much for your kind and passionate message. I am a born again Christian battling depression and anxiety. God bless all the way from Philippines.

  5. I am one of the carriers who is carrying her son onto the roof top and lowering him down before Jesus to get healing from being diagnosed with schizophrenia. I was given this scripture few months ago but let the scripture slip away from my thoughts till l listened to this. Lord hear my prayer. Pray for my son and l

  6. You people are the cause of gas lighting and mental health problems. You hypocrites. You are involved with the MOB and government. You killed these people. May God have mercy on your souls rock church you brood of vipers!!!

  7. For those of you that thumbs downed this message you may be one of those sitting in the dark in silence. Know that you are covered by the grace and blessing of our God. Don’t be afraid to come forward and admit you have a problem and seek professional and spiritual help.

  8. My heart goes out to the leader and his family. May God be with them and comfort them. I have read most of the replies to this video, I would like to suggest the materials and teaching and research from a woman named dr. Leaf. Her research on the study of the brain and how she applies her research to the word of God, is life changing. I would advise anyone dealing with matters of the mind, mental illness included, check out her materials and studies. God has truly bless her to be a blessing to the body of Christ for the revelation he has given her through her research and work. To anybody and everybody check out her videos on switch on your brain. This has been a huge help to me. May God bless everyone dealing with mental illness and matters of the mind.

  9. I'm learning spiritual warfare..I decided I'm going to win over anxiety or fear,ect..Before i even open my eyes,I go into conversation with the holy spirit.I CONSTANTLY keep the word of God playing and loudly praise and LOUDLY DECLARE God's word whenever I feel anxiety or depression trying me..Dont give up people;May the spirit of joy and Prince of Peace be with anyone suffering!

  10. I am a small church pastor. One of our associate pastors died about a year ago. I have been unable to speak about this for almost a year. I found my friend after he passed. I have been struggling since. I am so thankful that God brought me to your sermon. I am ready to address my congregation about my friends death. Thank you brother.

  11. Can someone please explain to me where the Bible says that we will be burdened, but it will not take over us? I'm having trouble finding that particular verse but I'd really like to know what exactly it is. This pastor referenced it in his sermon

  12. Jesus Christ has the power to heal you. im not the religious type. i didnt grow up in a Christian home and the way I have been walking isnt the steps God wants me to yet God is good to me. I at one time considered myself "agnostic". I dont know what I am, but I believe In Christ as savior.

    everytime I call to God for help I am quickly answered. pray for me, I too had been diagnosed with "major depression" suicide did go through my mind, and i was just a void with hopelessness.

    Instead of acting that way I seeked out for help which is what i recommend most. but what gave me peace is the whole book of John and the eternal promise of Christ.

    pray for me so that I can walk in Gods ways & pray for people that deal with anxiety and depression and any mental illness.

  13. Jesus is healing me from mental illness and it is a lifelong process. It takes many ingredients to bake a cake and all of these ingredients are important for overall health and healing. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!!

  14. Thank you for such an encouraging sermon. I'm currently facing a very tough time, finances are very tight and I don't know exactly what to do. I would like to teach music lessons but I haven't been able to find many students. I'm facing hunger as a result and I'm discouraged. I do love and know Jesus but facing such poverty day in and day out is very wearring on my body and mind. I know God provides to those he loves but I'm not seeing anything… I'm still broke. Thank you again for this sermon, it really has encouraged me. I pray for your pastor and his family, I understand what you are facing very well.

  15. this is such a sad situation and my prayers go to the family and the church in this time. however I think sharing this message needs to be handled with care because there are those out there that contemplate suicide and and deal with illness and the scripture and warning specifically with Judas as the son of perdition is the only thing keeping them from going through with it. so please be careful with this. sin is forgiven with repentance and grace.. how do you repent once you have died? grace doesn't give freedom to sin..Dont let the devil win!. If there are some struggling with this please do seek help and cry to God get into the word and reach out! God bless all

  16. My condolences to the family of Will Fejeran . Through this
    Β message I understand that only God can get us out of depression.
    Β Without Jesus Christ we can do nothing . Thank you Pastor Miles

  17. Thank you, Pastor Miles, for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to us through you. There was healing going on at RCEC on Sunday, and I believe at all the campuses. As a church family, we are grieving the loss of our dear brother, but God….

  18. Great word Pastor Miles. Especially the part about feeling like you can't work for God when you feel depressed, ill, etc. First, let me say that I reached out to my church and my brothers and sisters online (one of who attends your church) when I was diagnosed with depression. I am on the prayer team at my church in Bothell, Washington, and I feel God's presence best when I'm praying for other people. And I've had people come back to tell me they received healing. God uses broken people! It gives Him ALL the Glory, because we know it isn't us that healed them!

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