Rick Simpson Oil Can Cure cancer Interveiw

In this interveiw you will learn about real live cases of people being cured for various cancers and tumors including pets with RSO (Rick Simpson Oil.) Also some …


  1. I just lost my crop because of forest fire smoke and frost. I made ice hash before and reduced a nerve sheath tumor in my back. I was arrested and lost my regular supply of cannabis and the tumor came back. I had surgery on it in 2013 and it came back. Then I made ice hash in my prosess I use organic cannabis water and ice no solvent or chemicals. In the process i got 4 gallons of very strong ice tea and I consumed as much as I could before it went bad. The doctors were confused with my next mri. Now they want to do surgery again and I don't. I need help getting cannabis oil or hash.

  2. Sugar feeds cancer cells
    Especially genetically modified
    High fructose corn syrup
    I recently had to put down my 100 lb American bully
    After Vets bill over 2k
    The sad thing is I grew medical cannabis for years and my dogs ate the leaves for years
    Until California changed laws and i couldn't grow anymore
    Dog had heart problems
    And I know from Dr David Allen on Facebook that cannabis oil can prevent stroke and minimize damage from stroke trauma
    I wish i gave him cannabis oil, that was the hardest thing to do my friend had to take my dog to vet
    All the vet cares about is money
    Thanks for video!

  3. 5 Sept 2018: I hope someone can help me… When I use cannabis I get extremely nauseated. It puts me on the bathroom floor for hours. Before that started, smoking, vaping and homemade butter greatly helped me with mood and arthritis pain. Soon i'll be harvesting my 4th cannabis crop. According to Rick Simpson strain is critical. My first yr I grew a CBD dominant strain. I still have the dried flowers…. Waiting for the courage and right info to make my own oil.

    This year I am growing high Indica strains. I think this is the year I will finally be able to make my own oil (despite the fact that it's now illegal in Colorado to make the oil without a cost prohibitive closed system).

    I'm 69 yr old and I have serious infections that have resulted from blood poisoning from years of "wonderful" root canals that I had properly removed in 2016. (root canals are toxic dumps in the body)!

    I want to start the RSO protocol (60 grams of oil in 90 days), but I'm not going to be able to do that until I solve the intense nausea problem. PLEASE can someone help me? Is there a way for me to get over the nausea side effect???

  4. Friend of mine colon cancer- not doing chemo /radiation.. got an idea what I can tell him to do? he is in a state that he cannot access cannabis (NC) so sad- so you think change in diet and baking soda in water? anything else?

  5. I would really like to talk to the lady that helped these people my mom has stage 3 liver cancer and I would like to really know exactly how u make theses or if we can buy them from u because I don't want to lose my mom and I'm here youngest daughter.

  6. I'm in Tennessee and I can't get any marijuana THC , I can get CBD oil but that's it, And I have a tumor on my shoulder one on my kidney 1 on my lung. How can I get the medicine to me without leaving Tennessee.?

  7. Awesome awesome video. What strains of cannabis is she using? I've hear the blue dream is really good , it's about terpens. I agree with everything you two say, but I would add to start taking the essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Dr. Joel Wallach is a great resource for that. Thanks so much.

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  9. Yeah so true. I believe the Human body is capable of fighting off all sickness and disease. I also believe that sickness grows with fear and worry and our mind controls our body. God realy has provided all we need in nature to help ourselves.  There is so much yet to be discovered hey! Or rediscovered..

  10. The best thing about cannabis oil (RSO) is that you don't have to "believe" in it for it to work. Apoptosis is a principal of the human body therefore this medicine requires 0 belief. In fact I think many older people take it believing this won't work just like the rest of the medicine I've tried. Then when they are cured there minds are blown they tell their doctor. The doctor says get out of my office end of story. Understand apoptosis my friends and understand its main sideeffect HUNGER, then put 2 and 2 together everytime you felt hungry you just killed billions of cells. What other than marijuana can you buy that will force you to be HUNGRY?

  11. the reason why mothers milk contains high doses of cannabinoids is because it garantees the infant will be hungry. Its a garantee from your Mother that you will live. imagine having an infant who has no hunger that would be a horrible nightmare. Also mothers milk acts like a shock absorber. imagine the infant was happy in the womb and is now in a strange new place the infant has no idea what is going on, so cannabinoids are in mothers milk to garantee life, act as a bit of a shock absorber for being born.

  12. you are correct diet does help. Also if you still smoke cigarettes and you want to cure cancer with RSO you might be looking for something that doesn't exsist. Marijuana is not magic and there are no garantees in life. That said your best garantee is marijuana or cannabis oil. aka Rick Simpson Oil

  13. its ironic that the cure for cancer(RSO) the only sideeffects you will notice is that you will have a healthy appetite, sleep well, and bm on schedule. There is no need for cheemo. Read about apoptosis!

  14. cannabis oil starts the procecss known as apoptosis aka programmed cell death. so the oil is not magic also you do not have to believe me read about apoptosis for your self. Its one of the main processes of the human body. Everyday the average adult kills 50 billion cells a day via apoptosis whether you are aware of it or not. People get cancer because apoptosis fails. Also The main side effect of apoptosis is HUNGER. So marijuana doesn't cure you of cancer. Marijuana starts apoptosis and its apoptosis that cures you of cancer. read about APOPTOSIS. if you don't understand apoptosis you don't understand the human body. Also since our brains produce cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are also in mothers milk, which is why there is a weening off period. Also if you thiink about an infant; it sleeps 20 hours a day, when its up its hungry and shits all over the place. So to be a functioning human you must do all those 3 things. You must be hungry, you must sleep, you must bm. Cannabis oil will normalize all 3 of these by kickstarting APOPTOSIS. Without understanding apoptosis you believe in magic. Read about apoptosis and the cannabinoid system. In case this wasn't clear everytime you felt HUNGER in your entire life you have just killed billions of cells. Your brain creates cannabinoids those bind to your cannabinoid receptors and when that happens apoptosis fires and kills cells.

  15. Good on you's for putting this out there. Ive just lost my old man from cancer. I had only just got him on RSO and learned that suppositories work best.  I wish i had him on it a few years ago when he was first diagnosed.But i knew nothing about it.  He treated himself with the Alkaline diet and held it at bay for 8 years. I feel if he was on the oil earlier the cancer would of had no chance because THC causes cancer cell's to die. Once he went into hospital they gave him no hope and started him on Morphine. They increased the doses every day until it killed him. I recommend anyone with cancer to be serious and dont waste any time. Start the Alkaline diet and follow the Rick Simpson protocol. Most importantly have faith in God. The knowledge and medicine you now have will heal you.

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