1. my gorilla glue from seed are over 7 ft tall. i took fan leaves off close to the top to force it to grow new fan leaves which in turn means it had to get taller 😉 try it next year

  2. Growing outdoors, I don't know little lady but they don't call it Croptober for nothin. I'd wait to pull your purple kush. Especially if you still got 90 degree weather. It looks like it's still got at least three weeks. Looking great tho. And if it's still 90 degrees, your big girl is thirsty. Water, water, water. Annnnnnnnnnd….the big girl needs a haircut. Helps with air flow and keeping the plant cool. If it's 90 degrees outside, the water in the leaves are 100 degrees or more. So she needs water to keep cool as well as a haircut. Do it. Your not doing nothing else. She needs help!!! 😭😭😭😭 I don't wanna hear no more shit about your plant lookin bad when you're not doin nothing for her. Mmmmk? 😆

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