Oklahoma health expert explains Kratom and its controversy

Kratom — have you heard of it? It’s a tropical tree from southeast Asia and its leaves are used as an herbal drug. And although it is legally sold in places across …


  1. I tried Kratom about a year ago and it did absolutely nothing for me. at all. After hearing about all the claims I ordered some and tried it. Was more dissappointed than anything. Was really hoping it could help me.

  2. Kratom absolutely saved my life. If you have a loved one who has struggled with addiction and no progress, please introduce kratom to them , You will save their life.

  3. Kratom has caused no deaths. That's not true. Any deaths were involved with other drugs. Kratom has completely changed my life. federal government needs to get out of our business. And legalize Cannabis too.

  4. This guy doesn't have a freaking clue. I just had my 55th surgery and recently quit the opioids (don't even get me started on them) if it was not for this plant I would more than likely be dead right now. This guy has no idea what he's talking about.

  5. But anyways,I use kratom everyday for my hdhd and it helps a lot I can pay attention in school be more social and stop constantly moving my body also helps me sleep.they are doing the same thing they did to weed just watch

  6. Kratom saved my life, this is absolutely absurd that they are doing this to kratom, kratom is actually healthy for you, it lowers blood pressure, helps pain, anxiety, obesity, pain, depression and much more, the most important quality is the ability to fight opiod addiction, it saved me from dope

  7. Pronounced Kray Tum! I’ve taken large doses of Kratom for a year now, after using it to get off opiates. I experienced ZERO withdrawals, and it works wonderfully at controlling pain.

  8. My person testimony as a retired physical therapist and chronic pain patient. The FDA and DEA shut down distribution of opioids to actual PAIN patients because street junkies are intercepting Vicodin, Oxycontin, etc and overdosing. So, what does the legitimate pain patient do? We go to alternate sources because our government could care less about pain as it is not a stat like a druggies death. If you are in chronic high level pain and cannot completer you're activities of daily living, eat, sleep or function you are going to find something that works to alleviate the pain besides NSAIDS that do NOTHING. I heard about kratom when I was in severe pain and ordered some on the internet. I did my homework and purchased a strain that addressed pain specifically. The vendors that sell kratom are very professional and it comes well packaged. I was in excruciating shoulder, knee and neck pain and after drinking 1 gram (half a teaspoon) mixed in water my pain was completely gone and I felt great! The first dose killed the pain for 12 hours. No side effects! Kratom must stay legal and on the market, expanded and studied further. Big Pharma wants to shut these vendors down because they are competition for their unnatural product that can actually kill you. Kratom users have not had one single death and this is August of 2018. This is a great naturally occurring leaf with no additives or boosters. Keep it legal. If M.D.'s have no idea what it is, how can the FDA rule on something they know nothing about?

  9. This guy is a cuck! I’ve been using kratom for pain for 4 years with no bad effects and it’s a lot better than being strung out on oxy and roxy.

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