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Trump says he’s not ‘giving cover’ to Saudi Arabia, Texas flooding kills at least two after days of torrential rain, and Canada now world’s largest legal marijuana …


  1. do a story about native casino's and show how only native's that live far away from any big city need's casino's the rest can get job's in town,, where i live the casino is a place to work,

  2. The President of anything doesn't have power anymore…they can only murder free humanity, one by one…but that only intensifies the Mother's hostile replication…so history repeats and is replete with examples…tyrants rise and fall, messes get cleaned up and wiped away…yet those smears "leaders" make are here to stay…and fear becomes the response for heinousity…and now that we circle back around…those huge mistakes we made must eeal with the cosmic ripples made when the power that was sought, grasped for, then slipped away like the illusions of princes always do. Only one King, satan, and Him and His Father know where you're forever going to be…and all your jealous followers, who lied to appropriate, who lied to steal, to kidnap and extort…lies you smeared across your fathomless pit…and now, all your lies come back to haunt you…and that slippery web you made across your pit falls away like dust, and you and your cronies go down into that black space for another thousand years…goobernancy Mcsecret agents of Mcevil…count your days…they are numbered like all of ours are…but they definitely don't count towards your salvation…tootles

  3. Hey black people, don't blame white people overreacting. Blame ur fellow blacks who cause over fifty percent of all crime in this country. Maybe lester holt should of pointed that obvious fact but mainstream media only reports on blacks being victimized when in reality they are usually the aggressor. Facts.

  4. Trump's Monday Twitter post: “For the record, I have no financial interests in Saudi Arabia (or Russia, for that matter). Any suggestion that I have is just more FAKE NEWS (of which there is plenty)!”
    But that statement ignores the bigger question of how much Saudis have invested in Trump, from the sale of his 291-foot yacht to a Saudi prince in 1991, when Trump was facing personal bankruptcy, to the sale of the entire 45th floor of one of his New York City buildings to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the hosting of large entourages of Saudis at his hotels in New York and Chicago over the past year. Trump has more than an incidental relationship with the country and its leaders.

  5. This president is on a mission, to make as many enemies as possible before impeached or end of term. Once done he’ll just grab some popcorn and gave a first row sit to see how AMERICA(The People) struggles which he finds some sort of joy in it.

  6. Trump at 3:16 lies about the Saudis – he denies he is covering it up – and then explains why he is doing so. The secretary of state is laughable – "They will investigate themselves" – "Hey Ahmed – did you whack they guy? " "nah – did you ?" – "Nah" – investigative report complete. "We diddun do nuffin".

  7. Oh please that is typical pharm rep pay. It’s with any newly marketed drug. It’s sales. Healthcare especially drugs is a business. Educate yourself and make informed decision about your healthcare.

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