1. The line drawn at 19.59, I know it's not perfect. But even then, no matter how you draw it, there is a portion above it after July close to 9$. Why isn't this breakout of the line not a buying signal? I get it's a quick drawn line, but like I'm pointing out, I don't see how this part could be below the line. My point, is if I use those lines, I would have bought at a wrong time.

  2. Tiko I ave been a faithful listener to your show for about a year and before that was trading marijuana on my own. I'm experiencing a problem with the sound on U tube from your broadcasts. All U tube videos broadcast in stereo except, for about 1 week now, your videos. There has been a change in your sound settings about a week ago so that you are now only broadcasting in mono. For people like me who listen on stereo headphones I can no longer listen to your show because it hurts my ears to hear through only one speaker. Hope you find a way to resolve the issue. Really love the show, you are an amazing trader. But for now I have to stop listening.

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