1. His black so his going to get the book thrown at him. He shouldn’t of had that there, don’t go no where if you can’t have your medication. People please read up on laws before entering another’s peoples state. Mississippi is racist we know that and what lawyer can help him. Weeds are not to be something Jamaicans smoke everyone smokes weed.

  2. I have drove thru this county several times with my husband. So glad we were never stopped. I did not know they were racist. Thanks for letting us know. I will be more cautious next time going thru there. My husband is black, has long hair & we live in Louisiana. So that's all of it in one right there.

  3. In Mississippi you need to have it smoked. They can’t do anything when they pull you over and a cloud comes out or you’re high. Up around the area he was in you can’t even speed. They will get anybody white or black for anything.

  4. I live in Mississippi and I've been arrested and charged many times and locked up for several days for absolutely no good reasons at all. So I can say from experience that Mississippi's court system is completely unfair and unjust.

  5. if he was from jamaica, they shouldnt have locked him up in american prisons. they should have deported him back to jamaica. if he was from america, they should have only gave a maximum of 1 year in prison

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