Mike Perry is fuming with Brendan Schaub….& here he lets us know why and what he’ll do…. If you like this video Press Share and/or…SUBSCRIBE! Subscribe to …


  1. He said some stuff about some stuff and it might have been personal but I don't know what he said and then all he can come up with is he picked against him?!? Who is Brendan Schaub in the scheme of anything anyways like his opinion really matters,with intellect like that he's going to end up like War Machine, he needs a come at me bro t-shirt πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. What's with these fighters getting butt hurt about what commentators say? If Mike Perry becomes more successful than Schaub he has already be him. Make that money and continue with your career; we all know how Schaub ended up so does it matter?

  3. He says he could have his opinion and then immediately says he needs to shut up and stay on the sidelines dude grow the f**** you're in the wrong business if you're going to get all f**** butthurt because someone's saying you're not a good fighter guess what I'm sure there's a lot of people that think that I've ruined have never heard of you so what's that saying itself and I watch the f**** sport

  4. What did Schaub say? That you talk like you didnt graduate middle school, in the ghetto?… That you add up your fight rounds by referencing flash cards?… And, that every time you lay in the sand the cat tries to bury you.

  5. perry is a piece of shit who should never had been trained. self admitted that he is an animal and sometimes he just wants to hurt people. shame on the people who trained this sociopath.

  6. mike perry definition of fake tough guy, doubt he is really form Flint, Michigan like Kevin Lee is not from Detroit yet he wants to parade around like he's some street guy who made it out when he was a school boy

  7. Mike Perry is such a fucking moron. Brendan would smash Perry with ease. Perry is an okay fighter, but he's also a lot smaller than Brendan. In any case, Perry is retarded. I bet the fucker can't even read.

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