How to Paint Furniture That Has a Wax or Hemp Oil Finish | Country Chic Paint Tutorial

How to Paint Furniture That Has a Wax or Hemp Oil Finish | Country Chic Paint Furniture Painting Tutorial | ENTER TO …


  1. I will be working on my first ever project. An original Hot Pink side table. I was going to donate it but might as well keep it and re-use it! Hopefully I don't ruin it!

  2. I have an old dresser in my front hallway. I want to apply a fun colour that will 'pop' for interest, and to create a focal point. It will be an enormous job to remove the paint, oil and debris.

  3. I’m going to be doing this on our bedroom dresser for my next project. I used black wax and hemp oil last year to seal it.

    Rubbing alcohol truly works awesome to remove wax or hemp oil. I’ve done this a few times and had no problems at all. I’ve even used vodka and Danish Aquavit (Schnapps) in a pinch. 💁🏼‍♀️😄

  4. I didn’t realize this made such a difference. I’ll be doing my unfinished cabinets luckily and don’t have to worry about it! With the giveaway, I'd finally paint my old dresser (that I've had since I was a baby).

  5. So glad to know that rubbing alcohol will remove the oils, and that I won't have to resort to the toxic solvents. Thank-you!
    I have a vintage feminine looking bedside table that's been prepped and ready to be painted. I also sanded down the top of a large oak buffet which I'd love to tackle after that..staining the top and painting the rest.

  6. Glad that it is easy to remove wax or hemp oil with alcohol. I would rather use alcohol than any solvents so this is a perfect fix! I want to change the color of a wooden stool that I painted a long time ago. Thanks!

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