1. Buy CBD Isolate/Cannabidiol Isolate/CBD Powder.

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    Call Or Text +1 931 320 9510

    Product Description

    Product Name: Cannabidiol Isolate

    Chemical Name: 2-[1R-3-methyl-6R-(1-methylethenyl)


    CAS Number: 13956-29-1

    Molecular Formula: C21H31O2

    Molecular Weight: 314.45

    Melting point: 66-67℃

    Source: Extraction

  2. the question is, could you vape this as is? i made this yesterday to see if i could vape it instead of using pg/vg as im allergic to pg i used to use medipen which was made with mct. so i was wondering id this as is can be vaped?

  3. This is CBD in Oil not CBD Oil. CBD Oil is a full Spectrum product that is undiluted or isolated such as the isolate/crystalline you are using. Not saying its a bad product, but its not CBD Oil. CBD oil also will contain other cannabinoids such as CBN (a sedative), CBG (anti-inflamatory and great for gut inflamation), CBC and many others along with legal trace amounts of THC. This is what makes it full spectrum and provides a more well rounded and beneficial effect.

    What you are showing will work but not be as effective as real CBD Oil.

  4. HELP
    A lot of people use coconut oil for mixing but my experience with coconut oil is that it is solid until heated up. It seems if you use coconut oil that you won't be able to "drop" it because it is solid. Help me to understand.

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