How to Fix an Ugly Lawn in 5 Easy Steps

It’s easy to fix an ugly lawn if you learn the proper techniques. There are 5 steps to reviving a lawn. The more steps you complete, the better your lawn will be!


  1. So quick update; things looking just ok. I have a company who put the pre emergent, etc. killed a lot of the crabgrass etc. Two+ weeks ago they aerated and over-seeded. I do see some of the new grass coming up, the back yard still looks really crappy. Think I should call the company or just give it more time. I did notice a house up the street took out 3 large trees in the front and seeded those spots etc and those spots come in and looks 100pct. Do you think maybe this company that did my home put the seed but did not put any starter fertilizer? I was hoping to have the grassing looking a lot better by now but its not.

  2. Your yard is like. . . par. How "the grass man" gonna have an okay lawn? Lol. Quit being cheap on the water bill man! 30 minutes every morning above 70°. Every other day from 50°-70°.
    –fescue blend. Old school blade mower. Seaweed fertilizer. SEAWEED FERTILIZER! No weed killer. Never a single weed. Minimal clover, which is good for the grass so it stays in a few 4 inch patches. Best lawn in LFK!

  3. Love your video especially the one about the dish soap for brown grass it work perfect in certain areas to Grass have died but I have Planet Side I'm hoping that it will spread a little

  4. Just moved into a home with a troubled lawn. I have dead brown areas as well as large patches of weeds. It's now fall so it's time to aerate and overseed. My question is, what order should I do your steps. Should apply weed killer and fertilizer now.. then in a couple weeks aerate and overseed? or just focus on killing weeds and wait until the spring or next fall to do the seeding. thanks for the videos!

  5. The best way to prevent weeds is to have thick grass so the weeds have no way to germinate and not necessarily just throwing prevent down. Proper seeding in the Fall and using a winter fertilizer twice sets you up for a good Spring with thick grass and weeds won’t stand a chance. I think too many people underestimate how important fertilizing in the winter months is for the lawn the next year.

  6. Complete noob at this stuff and your video came up on my first search:)

    Does locality factor into this at all?. I'm in North Texas with hot summers and we have to water every day just to keep it from dying in the 100+ temps weeks. Should I just do the 6 hour thing on one day a week? Subsequently, from a water bill perspective, does watering for hours in 1 day differ from an hour every day?

    Thank you for the video:)

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